LG Polls: Group Endorse Abdulrazaq Muhammad for Okene Chairmanship

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Ahead of the December 12, 2020 Kogi council polls, a group, Kogi Central Forecast Group (KCFG), has endorsed the aspiration of Hon. Abdulrazaq Muhammad as its preferred candidate for Okene local government chairmanship position.

The group, led by its President, Comrade Yakubu Nazir Abdulhakeem, made this known after KCFG emergency meeting at Okengwe Town Hall on Sunday.

He said the group has followed the activities of the Engr. Abdulrazaq keenly when he was the Administrator to Okene local government and now Senior Special Assistant (SSA) to the Governor on Security Matters in charge of the LGA.

Abdulhakeem explained that members of the group assessed Abdulrazaq based on promises he made to the people of Okene in the areas of development, ensuring peace, security of lives and property and the report showed that the former Administrator has performed creditably well in all the areas which his administration set out to address.

The President of KCFG said the group also discovered that Abdulrazaq has not been influenced by money or the power which his office carries to make him abuse the people his local government and beyond

“He has served the local government with panache and good character befitting of the Chairman of the land of honour.

“We decided to review his activities in the last few years as Okene local government Administrator and Senior Special Assistant (SSA) to the Governor on Security Matters in charge of the local government. On each of the items, we found that he has done us proud and we are indeed happy.

“There were lots of factors we considered. Character was one of them. Some would get to the office and change. He is still the old Engr. Abdulrazaq Muhammad that we used to know. He has not changed. We know money can change people. Time does change people and power can change people. All these have not changed him a bit so we are indeed proud of Hon. Engr. Abdulrazaq Muhammad.

“Kogi Central Forecast Group has asked their president to contest before, I want to assure you that I am not contesting. I don’t want to be local government chairman now and I want other contestants to do the same. We want us to a contest without rancor,” he said.

The group unanimously declared their support for Abdulrazaq Muhammad to be elected chairman, saying that it is the only way for Okene local government that all and sundry will be proud of can be birthed.

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