LG Poll: Election is Not A Do-or-Die Affair – Awoniyi Admonishes Opposition

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Politicians seeking to have the peoples mandate in the forth coming council polls have been told to see election as a game and not a do or die affair.

Kogi State Deputy Governor,Yomi Awoniyi made the remarks after addressing a PDP rally for Ward 06 and Ward 09 in Mopamuro LGA of the State and after inspecting the extent of damage done to vehicles, houses and people injured by ACN members yesterday.

The Deputy Governor condemned in strong terms the extent of damage done to properties and injuries inflicted on people as regrettable, lamented the level of violence employed by the ACN members, warned that the law which is not a respecter of person would take its course if anyone is found wanting.

Awoniyi appealed to the electorates not to be provoked or intimidated by the antics of the ACN, disclosing that a Peoples Democratic Party administration in the area will offer free education and provide the needed infrastructures.

While urging the people to turn out en-mass to vote in the forth coming poll, he commended the peaceful disposition of the PDP members for being law abiding adding that two wrongs don’t make a right.

The forth coming council poll Awoniyi disclosed would be won on the merit of what the PDP will and has offered the people,said the era when Mopamuro LGC served as meal ticket and for personal enrichment for political godfather is long gone.

Earlier in their speech, Shola Ojo and Erik Fiki, assured of the preparedness of the party to have a clean sweep in the Saturdays council,appealed to its members to turn out en-mass and be orderly during the polls.

In his address Funsho Daniyan, the PDP Candidate promised a developmental programme that will provide employment opportunities and other infrastructures that improve the well being of the people.

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