Letter to Kogi Deputy Gov: Call Adamu Sani to Order Before He Kills Ankpa APC Elders Council

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His Excellency, Chief Edward Onoja
Deputy Governor, Kogi State,

A brief history of Ankpa APC Elders Forum.

The elders from Ankpa, Enjema and Ojokwu districts decided to form this elders forum after the demise of Prince Abubakar Audu because the party was scattered and some youths were drawn by the government instead of the elders to support their political ambitions. So the elders discovered this would not go well with the party at the grassroot and the youths were not even coordinated within themselves to promote the government activities which brought a lot of problems within the youths.

The elders from the three districts came together, the founders are; Alh Isa Ahmed from Enjema, Alh Abubakar Yakubu (OSLO) from Ankpa district, and Alh Suleiman Salihu (WAR) from Ojokwu district. The forum was financially supported by Ahmed Ahmed, Gen. Patrick Akpa, Muhammed Alfa and other prominent people in the group.

We met and invited all elders across the 3 districts to form this (Ankpa APC Elders Forum) group involving all groups of late Prince Abubakar Audu and some PDP elders who willingly joined our group including former councilors groups and women leaders group, so when we started this meeting we invited Hon. Adamu Sani because of his position as a former commissioner to brief him about these intentions, so that we can hold this meeting at his residence for the interest of our party APC and we successfully held this meeting for that period of time before the election.

We went into every ward with the elders reconciliation committee chairmen at the ward and local government level to promote the activities of the government, so in this elders forum; the elders reconciliation forum chairman and Ankpa Federal constituency reconciliation chairman were all merged together with this Ankpa elders forum on the advice of Your Excellency, the Deputy Governor of Kogi state, Edward Onoja.

All the groups listed above were all involved and worked together. The group went to visit his Excellency the Deputy Governor, Mr Edward Onoja and he was happy to see the caliber of gentlemen he met. The group made some request for Ankpa LGA, among which are; Ankpa road to Abejukolo that stopped at Ejegbo for now, enhancement of General Hospital in Ankpa to meet up the state standard of the general hospital. In his response, the Deputy Governor promised to put the above mentioned in order and also generate electricity from coal in Ankpa LGA and water supply to Ankpa township which have not been completed.

We also asked his Excellency for a vehicle so that we can move around. A Jeep was donated to us through Adamu Sani, the interim head/chairman appointed by the group. Till date Adamu Sani did not announce the gesture of the government to this forum.

Today, Your Excellency there’s nothing harmonizing that we haven’t done with your advice which is working till now that has brought us together.
Surprisingly, Your Excellency, Adamu Sani is forming another group from this beautiful existing group just because the group demanded to know the position of the Jeep donated to the group even if he is going to use it personally, for us to praise and appreciate the effort of the government on granting our requests on our last visit.

We as a group (Ankpa APC Elders Forum) are solidly behind your government in conjunction with Ankpa Local government Elders reconciliation committee which is on ground. However, Hon Adamu Sani is trying to separate this group for his selfish political interest which we don’t know. The groups are going to meet and let you know the new leadership,

Sir, in as much as we are interested in our party (APC) we remain solidly behind the party,

Thank you.

Alh. Isah Ahmed
Phone: 08037860912

Copied to;
Ahmed Ahmed Muhammed
Hon. Adamu Sani
Hon. Ibrahim Abdullahi Halims
All the district leaders and members
Chief of Staff to the Governor of Kogi State
Ankpa LGA APC Chairman
APC Zonal Chairman, Kogi East.

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