Lawal Idirisu: The Man With a Good Heart for Ajaokuta Federal Constituency Beyond 2019

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“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others” – Jack Welch.
I draw my scholarly inspiration from the quote above to humbly divulge the political prowess of a perfect gentleman that currently occupies the top job of Ajaokuta Federal constituency.
Hon Lawal Idirisu is a man full of faith, devoted to the worship of of his lord (ALLAH). With his firm believe in Allah, he is never afraid of challenges rather he sees obstacles as strength and turn it to opportunities that facilitate the attainment of his target.
Hon Lawal Idirisu is an household name in Ajaokuta political history that has given back to his local government in numerous ways devoid of marginalization of any ethnic, religious, political or clannish sentiment.
Hon Lawal Idirisu is a square peg on a round hole for the people of Ajaokuta as he remain the most accessible leader ever produce in the history of Ajaokuta politics, a good listener and a problem solver.
Hon Lawal Idirisu is a grandeur leader whose uncommon pedigree has distinguish him from others. He is a trailblazer, an industrialist, a philanthropist per excellence, a cheerful giver, a peace ambassador, the golden man of Ajaokuta federal constituency.
The Ajaokutans will not forget in a hurry the supreme sacrifice Hon Lawal singlehandedly made with his personal resources in liberating the people of Ajaokuta from the hands of oppressors who has hold us captive in our own land, for that selfless job Hon Lawal did for us in Ajaokuta LGA, nobody can pay him back but God Almighty will surely meet you at your point of need. Ameen.
Some of his heartwarming achievements within three years in office as member representing Ajaokuta Federal constituency in the House of Representatives.
Before 2015 Election
– Creation of jobs for our teaming youths through the establishment of West African Royal Ceramics.
– Establishment of nominal payroll to provide salary payment for the local government staffs who had their names removed from payroll prior to 2015 election.
– Repair of boreholes in Epiri and Akpanko in Ebiya district.
After 2015 General Election
– Installation of solar powered street light across the constituency and work is still ongoing in that aspect.
– Free medical outreach first of its kind in the history of Ajaokuta where minor surgeries were carried out and glasses issued to ensure that the blind sees.this he does magnanimously in two faces.
– In addition to free eye treatment, Hon Lawal has responded severally to distress call from his constituency on matters relating to hospital bills of followers who are either involve in accident or took ill.
– Construction of solar powered boreholes in some communities to include:
  • Dumez camp
  • African camp
  • PYN camp
  • Elaite community
While motorized boreholes were constructed in the following communities:
  • Ebiya District
  • Ogodo community
  • Ajaokuta Asco camp
  • Emi Woro community
  • He also embarked on massive repairs of abandoned boreholes across the constituency and establishment of new ones.
– Grading of feeder roads across the constituency, he has however grade 80km trunk C roads across the entire constituency, he equally took the pain to rehabilitate 2km asphalt road in Ajaokuta native town, a road term as an historical monument.
– He singlehandedly sponsored the connection of Eganyi/Ebiya district to national grid through Itakpe which they enjoy for a while before the sudden disagreement in TARIFF that lead to their disconnection.
– Hon Lawal has use his good office to facilitate the release of inter boundary metres and pay for other logistics just to ensure that Eganyi/Ebiya is connected back to national grid, but this time around it is through Geregu power station in Ajaokuta district.
– Installation of brand new transformer in Ganaja village.
– Installation of 500-33kvA transformer in jimgbe community.
– Purchase of 21 brand new transformer for onward distribution to communities in need under his constituency.
– Purchase of big generator sets for some traditional rulers across Ajaokuta federal constituency.
– Distribution of farm implements and herbicides to our farmers to improved their yield, he also provide fishermen with 10 canoe’s accompanied with 1,000 bundles of fishing net and a big passenger engine boat to ease their navigation.
– Create an education endowment fund from were bursary and other financial assistant are given to our indigent students in tertiary institution.
– Hon Lawal has so far spent over 2.8 million naira cash on women empowerment across his constituency and the exercise is still ongoing.
– Hon Lawal facilitated two Federal engineering jobs for our sons at MTI Jos, Plateau state. He also secured jobs for our sons and daughters in Nigerian Police, Army, Navy and Air Force.
– Hon Lawal sponsored and hosted a football tournament in honor of his leader, Alh Baba Ali to further unite the youths and channel their energy into productive ventures.
– Hon Lawal in an elaborate gathering in 2017 did a multi million naira empowerment phase one were a lot of life changing items were distributed to the good people of his constituency.
– Hon Lawal has provided logistics support to our religious houses, churches and mosques alike to encourage worship, He equally donated N1,000,000.00 to the victim of ASCL BUMP fire incidence.
– Hon Lawal has so far sponsored about 4 notable household names to hajj since the past three year’s across his constituency.
– Just recently he commissioned the second phase of west African royal ceramics in Ajaokuta LGA to further boost employment opportunities for our able and agile youths and also stimulate commercial activities around our corridor.
– He has so many life changing bills/motions sponsored by him just within three years in office, this are motions that has direct impact on the life of his people.
– The mother of all Hon Lawal achievements is the resuscitation of the moribund iron and steel complex by singlehandedly sponsor and volunteer to lead Right Hon. Yakubu Dogara and other house member to see the level of degradation in our steel sector, during which the team made a courtesy call on our own leader, Governor Yahaya Bello to seek for support and partnership in the resuscitation drive.
The above sterling achievements has made distinguish Hon Lawal Idirisu a big fish that requires a big net to catch, his outstanding performance within three years in office has made his reelection victory come running after him even when the election is still a bit far from now.
Hon Lawal is not a man of too many words but a great achiever, he is not proud, not boisterous, he is just himself a humble gentle man whose uncommon qualities is been admired by many. he is a man that talk less but act more.
I want to use this medium to appeal to all Ajaokutans who are privileged to read this text to please, tell their friend to tell other friends that, this is just a little out of Hon Lawal achievements and therefore he deserves our votes, support and prayers for another term of four years.
Also, tell your neighbour to inform other neighbours that Hon Lawal has no rival in Ajaokuta LGA and he therefore remain the choice and only choice of the good people of Ajaokuta federal constituency. He remain the only person that can guarantee the victory of APC in Ajaokuta LGA, any other person is a counterfeit.
Musa Ahmed
For: Concerned Group for the Reelection of Hon Lawal Idirisu

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