Kwankwasiyya Movement Ready to Join Kogites to Oust Yahaya Bello From Lugard House

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The Kogi State Kwankwasiyya Movement is the political movement that worked hand-in-hand with the leadership of the APC and delivered Kogi for Buhari in the last presidential election. The movement distances itself from the charade and a show of shame which was called a decamping ceremony led by a suspended member of the movement, Nicholas Ayegba Friday and hosted by the self-conceited political opportunist, Edward Onoja.

The Kogi State Kwankwasiyya Movement is purely APC, and as such, APC cannot defect to APC. In other words, the Kwankwasiyya Movement of Kogi State is a strong arm of the genuine APC in Kogi State and a formidable structure of the Audu political family. Note that as far as Kogi is concerned, Audu is APC and APC is Audu.

Nicholas explored the desperation and gullibility of the New Direction Government and pledged his support for the drowning team of callow politicians. Nicholas knows that elections are here and the orphaned government needs people and crowd whether useful or not to make his money. A drowning man always clutches the straw. Nicholas’ declaration has no progressive political intent, but pecuniary motive.

Those who were led by Nicholas and appeared before Edward were not and have never been part of the Kogi State Kwankwasiyya Movement. They were licensed political jobbers who succeeded in scamming a fidgety, rickety and frail government led by Edward Onoja and Yahaya Bello. These duo have both lost popularity and relevance in Kogi politics despite their being in power.

As a matter of fact, the kindergarten and supermarket system of government led by Yahaya Bello in Kogi State is shambolic, repugnant and nauseating; it is politically impotent, frail, and does not have the financial resources and political might to take over nor adopt the vigorous and robustly influential true Kwankwasiyya Movement in Kogi State.

The Kwankwasiyya Movement is the strongest and largest political movement in Kogi State and it is ready to join Kogites to oust Yahaya Bello from Lugard House at the earliest convenience either in August or in November 2019.

The Government of Bello had 4 years to provide good governance; it had 4 years to provide infrastructure; it had 4 years to provide Kogites with many good things typical of a productive government, but it failed ignominiously, as the government is led by rapacious, greedy and hungry men with the weakest moral fibre.

Falsely adopting groups and successes of other political gladiators who have carved a niche for themselves in politics and using  same to boost the low morals of a failed political sojourn cannot save the Bello led government from damnation and perdition. The government of Bello should remove its corruption-ridden pulse off the Audu political family so that it can face and tackle the gargantuan case of financial mismanagement against it.

The great Kwankwasiyya Movement has no knot to tie with a puerile political family that celebrates its achievements (if any) on social media and glories in hungry urchins whose social media services it buys at so cheap a cost.

The Kogi Kwankwasiyya Movement and Prince Abubakar Audu Political Family hereby warn the Bello-led government to cease and desist from its infertile and incapacitated media propaganda and be prepared for an ignominious defeat at the polls come November 2, 2019.


Attah Morandy
For: Kogi State Kwankwasiyya Movement

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