KOGIS Director, Hajiya Ladi Ibrahim; A Round Peg in a Square Hole

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It is no news that the Head of Kogi State Geographic Information System (KOGIS), Hajiya Ladi Ibrahim is an astute accountant. Inline with professional conduct and practice, key agency such as KOGIS saddled with the responsibility of providing professional services such as secured land management system services to process, analyse, store and retrieve land data electronically in the state ought to be headed by a someone who have a vast knowledge about land information management with a requisite years of experience on the said field.
Having Hajiya Ladi, an accountant, as head of KOGIS is not only an anomaly but a practical example of a round peg in a square hole. She lacks the needed aptitude to manage the affairs of such an important agency that deals with lands issues in the state. Continuing to have her as head of KOGIS pose a great threat to the security of the State as one of the reasons why KOGIS was established is to assist in curbing insecurities in the state.
One of her latest mismanagement and abuse of office under her watch is the illegal lopsided recruitment of people directly related to her and her acquaintances as contract staffs, others who are not fortunate enough to know her are often asked to present letter of referral or pay some certain amount of money before being considered for employment.
Hajiya Ladi is not only unsuited for the position as head of KOGIS presently but also lack the finesse and wherewithal needed to run the affairs of KOGIS if the agency must grow to benefit the state for the purpose it was established.
She has personalized the affairs of this agency by siphoning income made by the agency for her personal use and as such need to be investigated.
– Ali Jibril writes from Lokoja

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