#KogiDecides: Last Minute Resolution In Kogi Gubernatorial Election – Pharm Asuku

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As the good people of Kogi State prepare once again to elect a credible and transparent personality to pilot the affairs of the state for the next four years, Coalition of Democrats (COD) have decided to embark on a fact finding mission to ascertain the true stand of our President His excellency  Muhammadu Okechukwu Buhari regarding the two leading candidates in this election.

Coalition of Democrats is cardinal group which  comprises of youths advocates across the three senatorial districts in Kogi state. Her mandate is to pursue unity,  peace and equitable distribution of resources to the zones after making sure that the right candidate is voted in to pilot the affairs of the people at all levels of government.

Of course it is no longer a news that this election is strictly a competition between the candidate of PDP “the party in control of the state”, His excellency governor Idris I.  Wada  and Abubakar Audu,  a candidate of APC and the party in control of federal government, any other candidates  are only there to fulfil all righteousness and nothing far from that.

Having this in mind,  Ebira youth movement(EYM) choses to dig deep to uncover the real reason why Mr.  President have decided to distance himself from the candidate from the candidate of his party despite all effort and propaganda being sold on air to make him succumb to the pressure mounted on him by the corrupt elements within the party. Out of our overwhelming love and deep interest in the progress of Kogi State, we have therefore decided to bring home our findings so as to guide the entire people of Kogi State as we go out tomorrow to cast the ballots.

APC,  the party known with the change mantral is what it is today because of all encompassing integrity, humility and transparency on the side of our dear President. There is no way a new party could have been able to defeat the ruling party in Nigeria for not for his undisputable integrity going by his antecedents. In other word,  APC is PMB,  anything shot of this is not worth our support an as agent of change.  This is what informed the decision of COD to confirm the stand of Mr President despite the fact that his body language have said more than enough to those who care to listen by his perpetual avoidance of Prince Abubakar Audu,  the candidate of his party in this election while extending hand of friendship to Gov.Wada who is the candidate of PDP.

In our journey to unravel this scenario, a source from the Villa who pleaded anonymity have confided in us that PMB is not the type that talk too much and that this body Language is enough for us to know his state as far as Kogi state election is concern. He went  further to ask if we were actually expecting PMB to destroy his integrity by supporting a corrupt candidate who does not share his idea of change as auchestrated by APC. We then asked further to know if it will not amount to an antiparty activity if APC members in Kogi decide to go ahead and cast their votes for the candidate of PDP in this election, he said and we quote: what matter most in this election is not political party but  personality that if it were political party,  PMB wouldn’t have become the President of Nigeria today.

To the entire people of Kogi State,  if truly we desire a change in Kogi state and man leading that change is PMB,  then Prince Abubakar Audu does not fit into that change.  Let no one deceive you into mortgaging your future by voting a corrupt candidate who doesn’t have the blessing of Mr. President.  No amount of party loyalty should make u to go and waste u your vote for Audu,  none of us can be more loyal to APC than PMB and going by his body language so far, he has pitch his tent with governor Wada. A humble man with high level of decency and good will for the good people of Kogi State.

COD is therefore sending this gospel message to all and sundry who care for the progress of Kogi State to go out in mass to cast their ballot for Governor Wada inline with the body language of Mr. President if only we are for change and not backwardness. Should they bring their money for you to vote APC,  collect it and vote for the candidate whose agenda is similar to that of Mr. President. The money is part of what the conglomerate of thieves in Nigeria who have decided to bring Audu on board so as to syphone our little resources if he succeeds (God forbid). So, rejecting it is a sin,  collect the money and t do the the right thing.

Wishing you a hitch free moment as we cast the ballot.

Endeavour to spread this message to our grassroots in order to guide our people especially the locals.

God bless Kogi state,

God bless Nigeria,

Abdulkareem Asuku Jamiu

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