#KogiDecides: Don’t Turn Nigeria to Banana Republic – Movement Against Electoral Fraud

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The Movement Against Electoral Fraud (MAEF) has called on civilized Nigerians and responsive democrats all over the world to rise to the ugly situation in Kogi State Nigeria. This call becomes important for we are at the darkest hour of our transitional democracy. We either get it right or summersaults and this will continue to plague the nation.

The All Progressive Congress (APC) as a party without Audu/Faleke cannot stand election as an amorphous entity; it is their joint ticket that qualified the party. Moreso, election has been contested and won on November 21, 2015 and Faleke remains the custodian of the people’s mandate with the exit of (AUDU) his principal.

The change mantra of the APC is seriously in question on the Kogi impasse. This is a phase in our Constitutional and political development. Hence, this transformation must never be a relapse to antiquity. The Kogi episode is an embarrassment demeaning of Nigeria among comity of nations.

Yahaya Bello to be declared the Governor-Elect on supplementary votes of 6,885 is the height of electoral fraud admissible only within the confine of the ethos of banana republic. Subjugated victory cannot be the way forward.

The people must act in unison to unmask the conspirators of our collective political destiny. We must resist the attempt to ambush and swindle the peoples mandate.

MAEF warns President Buhari and his Attorney General Malami, never to turn Nigeria to BANANA REPUBLIC where only the monkeys are kings; other animal species must also exercise their political rights in the kingdom. The Kogi election has thrown up a litmus test for this regime. If Buhari cannot improve on the electoral success of Professor Atahiru Jega, he should not move the country backward to the dark era of election rigging.

The party cannot be talking of reconciliation at this time. Where there is injustice, there can be no peace. Reconciliation and party supremacy is hinged on justice. The APC must retrace her steps or meet her gradual decline to the dustbin of history.

Vigilance is the Price for Eternal liberty.

– Comrade Taiwo Otitolaye

National Coordinator

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