#KogiDecides: Adavi National Youth Frontier Congratulates Gov-Elect, Yahaya Bello

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On behalf of the Executive Committee and members of Adavi National Youth frontier, I congratulate you on your well deserved victory at the recent gubernatorial election. In line with the generally high expectation of Nigerians in the present administration of Muhammadu Buhari, the people of Kogi State are equally expectant of a high level of performance from your incoming administration.

While we pledge our total support for your administration, we urge you to take side with history and govern with innovation and fear of God. We urge you to be courageous and bold enough to establish a new Kogi State with a new ‘Kogi Dream’ similar to the ‘American Dream’ that provides hope and equal opportunities for every American anchored on equity, fairness and justice regardless of tribe and sectional affiliation. We need a new government that is development focused and driven by a high sense of responsibility to the people. Above all, we need a government that is prepared to make history by recognizing our diversity and creating balances in the governance process of the State.

Your Excellency, we will expect your administration to ensure economic independence of the State from Federation Account by significantly utilizing the enormous human resources and harnessing the vast agricultural and other natural resources of the State. You need to engage men and women of intellectual capabilities and productive capacities regardless of where they come from in the State in order to bring about our desired economic, political and socio – cultural revolutionary change.

As you set out to reconcile our people and create a sense of belonging for all the people of the State, history and posterity will remember you for doing what is right and just rather than what is popular. May God Almighty grant you exceptional wisdom and understanding, and make your administration stand out as the most focused, fair and developmental administration since the creation of the State.

Please accept our hearty congratulation and the assurances of our highest esteem.

Yours Faithfully,
For: Adavi National Youth Frontier.

Mujahid Aliyu Abubakar Adeiza
National Coordinator!!!

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