Kogi: What Next After The Supreme Court Judgment?

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The validity of the mandate given to the Governor of Kogi State, His Excellency Yahaya Bello when the good people of the state came out on the 16th of November, 2019 and expressed in such decisive civil manner and re-elected the governor for the second term has been proven by the Apex Court in the country.

On the 16th of November, 2019, Governor Yahaya Bello polled a total of 406,222 votes against his closest rival, the PDP candidate who polled 189,704 votes with a winning margin of 216,518. This result was challenged and subjected to legal analysis via election petition tribunal and up to the Supreme Court.

The Apex Court in her wisdom, on Monday 31st August,2020 after considering previous judgments of the tribunal and Court of Appeal took side with the people by affirming the identical positions on the matter taken by the erudite Jurists at the tribunal and the Court of Appeal .

By the judgment of the Supreme Court, all election litigation instituted against the governor which for some months constituted as a clog in the wheels of governance in Kogi State has been removed and discarded.

The Kogi state Governor, His Excellency Yahaya Bello once again while reacting to the judgement on Monday, extended an olive branch to his opponents. The Governor noted that all the aspirants and candidates who vied for the exalted office of the Governor were eminently qualified but the people who own the mandate found him worthy for the second time.

I want to sincerely thank everyone here who have been our strong supporters and those who criticized the government vehemently in constructive manner and to let you know that you all played a part toward the development of Dear kogi state.

For those whose criticism were simply jarring to the senses, instead of the endless jangling, we implore you to criticize in dulcet manner, we all own the government and the state and the governor and his team must find a way of listening to all as they have been doing.

I want to sincerely thank supporters of the opposition parties for their commitment to what they believe and the manner in which they pursued their agenda.

My honest appreciation is also extended to public affairs analysts who always speak loud about the government on inevitable negative occurrences and put off their mics when government made tremendous breakthroughs and achievements. Your stands also kept us on our toes.

Like I always say; Kogi is Nigeria. It is impossible to name best three medical experts in this country without a kogite. It will be a false exercise to name three scientists in Nigeria without a Kogite, same in Engineering, Media, Law, pilots, Aviation. Military and other fields of endeavour but our negative and acidic commentary laced with political interest is eroding the good name our technocrats have made for the state. Kogi is one of the richest states in Nigeria in terms of minerals and human capital endowments but we are trading these resources away because of the manner we play our politics. We are the reflections of our state; when we say Kogi is the worse state in Nigeria, it means we are the worse people in Nigeria no matter where we live. It is not her beautiful vegetation and the fascinating confluence of rivers that made it worse but the people .

Projecting the good image of Kogi State is responsibility of Kogites irrespective of our political difference, religious beliefs and ethnic identity. We have come along way to see election as periodic exercise which will produce winners and losers.

After this Supreme Court judgement , all that is needed in advancing development of our state is to sheath our political swords and put on the toga of unity, solidarity and support for the government to enable it deliver the best of governance for our people.

I have enjoyed the support of everybody in this space; my friends in the opposition parties have been helpful, schoolmates, classmates, Facebook friends have contributed immensely to the success of my office, I hold you all in high esteem.

– Onogwu Muhammed writes from Lokoja.

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