Kogi West: I am The Most Qualified Candidate for Senate – Toyin Akanle

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The Senatorial candidate of the Social Democratic Party for Kogi West, Mr William Toyin Akanle has assured his supporters of his determination to clinch the seat in the February 2015 poll. He said he has not stepped down for anyone.

In a telephone chat with our reporter, the Isanlu-born retired Director of the State Security Service said he remains the best and most qualified candidate for the job.

In his words, “I appreciate the efforts of our leaders in Yagba that we go into next month’s election as a united house.

But we need to start our preaching for justice from home. Apart from the credentials I am bringing to the table, my Local Government Area is the only Local Government in Okun that has not produced a Senator. I cant let them down at this hour of need”, he said.

Mr Akanle said he is in the race to give quality representation to the Kogi West people.

“What we need in Kogi West is a clear departure from the era of failure and deceit. I have thrown my integrity and sense of service into the contest. I am out to serve and the Kogi West people know that. If Yagba is against Smart and Dino on the ground of equity, we must show the world we can start the trend from home. Senator Olu was Senator from the present Yagba West and our late statesman, Chief Awoniyi was also a Senator. He was from Mopamuro. It is the turn of Yagba East and fortunately enough, we have come out with the most qualified without blemish”, he said.

He said he will implement the manifesto of the SDP if elected. “We cant have development without social regeneration. We need to empower our people and reinvent service to the people”, he promised.

Source: The Banner News

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