Kogi West 2023: Sunday Karimi a Political Leader With a Difference 

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Sunday Steve Karimi (SSK) – Brief Intro

SSK, a community builder, an astute manager, philanthropist of immense repute and politician was born 50 years plus ago.

He was a very proactive two – term House of Representatives parliamentarian between ( 2011- 2015) & (2015- 2019) representing the highly industrious and versatile People of Yagba East & West / Mopa – Amuro Federal Constituency. 

During his sojourn in the Green Dome, he contributed immensely to the growth & development of the Country, & most importantly, his immediate Constituency & Constituents. This fact could be better ochestratrated by the numerous impacting Bills, Motions and Debates he sponsored on the floor of the House. 

To say he performed superlatively during this period is stating the obvious. 

Sunday Steve Karimi is an ardent football fan. He is happily married with a lovely wife & firebrand Children.

To put the record straight, SSK is a foremost & formidable candidate of the All Progressives Congress, (APC) vying for Kogi West Senate in the forthcoming General election 2023.


At the tail end of February 2023, the general election would have come and gone. Being a partaker, Kogi West Senatorial District electorates would have made their choice at the poll. In the aftermath, what would be of more concern would be if they have chosen right or not, because the bucks stop on their table. 

In our clime, we are concerned for peace, justice and triumph of reason, but if Conservatism connotes the  adherence to the old, tried and trusted against an untried, Kogi West District is blessed with an old wine in a new bottle ; an incorruptible Lawmaker; an icon that practices zero tolerance to bad governance ; a great Manager & Leader of Repute; an epitome of peace, equity & fairness; a thorough bred Technocat cum Politician and an Apostle of unprecedented Development who has ceaselessly cross the t’s and dot the i’s in order to guarantee his People a Brighter & Infinite future where hope, economic prosperity, potentials & resources will be maximally utilized. 

For too long, Kogi West has repeatedly arrived at the ‘Promise Land’ , but have not fully tapped into the Potentials that abound in the Land that flows with Milk & Honey.

How & Why we remain perpetually stagnated could not be far – fetched. 

Deceitfully, in order to become the Master, our Politicians pose as a Servant! Conversely though, Hon. Sunday Steve Karimi has been unanimously accepted to be an unrepentant Servant- Leader in Deeds, Actions & Benevolence.

Without mincing words, the hallmark of a Great Leader encapsulates the purpose of life; not to be happy but to matter, to be useful, to make substantial difference from what is obtainable, to say he is the best material & viable option for Kogi West in the Red Dome come 2023. 

Sunday Karimi is an Incurable Optimist who believes that development doesn’t occur by accident unless triggered by many hands to manifest. He is also a Proactive Leader with an Eagle Eyes for unmitigated Excellence. He is good at anticipating a situation as an Opportunity, regardless the shortcomings, and influences the system constructively for the benefit of humanity. 

In Nigerian politics, an exemplary Performer thinks the glass is half-filled, there is more to be done. While a Mediocre feels the glass is theirs- routinely greedy and self- centered.

For SSK, he is liberal – minded; he has the trust of the People ignited by Prudence, Accountability & Stewardship.


Worthwhile Motions Moved Spanning 2011- 2015, 2015- 2019

— Motion on the Need to Consolidate on the Gains Recorded in the Conduct of 2015 General Election. 

— Motion on Urgent Need to find Lasting Solution to the Incessant Violence, Lawlessness, Impunity, Criminality of Cattle Herdsmen & Locals Nationwide. 

— Motion on the Urgent Need to Investigate the Disbursement of Bail- Out Funds to State Government.

— Motion on the Prevention and Prohibition of Indiscipline Act in Nigeria and Need to Re- Orientate Nigerians at all Levels to Embrace the Value of Discipline, Hard-working and Integrity in all Aspects of our National Life. 

— Motion of Urgent National Importance: The Need to Address the Hunger, Hardship & the Depreciating Welfare of Masses all over Nigeria. 

— Motion on the Need to Rescue the Naira from Continuous Depreciation. 

— Motion on the Need to Unmask the Perpetrators of Ghost Workers Syndicate in the Federal Civil Service. 

— Motion on the Monetary Policy of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN); Undue Exploitation of Citizens by Commercial Banks. 

— Motion on the Urgent Need to Enforce Registration of Motors & Tricycles on all Public Roads.

— Motion on the Need to Conduct Free & Fair Elections Devoid of State Harassment & Intimidation in Anambra State on 18th November, 2017. 

— Motion on the Need to be Patriotic about the State of Health of the President. 

— Motion on the Need to Stem the Rising Prices of Commodities in Nigeria (2011)

— Urgent Need to Reconstruct & Rehabilitate Obajana – Kabba – Isanlu- Egbe – Omu- Aran- Ilorin Federal Road (2011)

— Need to Implement the 2011 Budget & to Pay Local Contractors for 2012 Liabilities. 

— Motion on the Lopsidedness in the Location of Federal Government Projects.

— Motion of Urgent National Interest : The Blast in Kaduna. 

— Need for Federal Executive Council to Declare a State of Emergency on National Roads & Establishment of an Intervention Fund to fix the Roads. 

— Motion on the Urgent Need to Warehouse the Constituency Projects Fund for National Assembly Members. 

— Motion on Non – Implementation of 2012 Budget. 

— Need to Address Urgently the Near Collapse of Federal Roads Across the Country. 

— Motion on the Need to Urge the Executive & Legislative Arm of Government in the Spirit of Patriotism Cooperate Together to Reduce the Recurrent Expenditure of Government. 

— Motion on the Haphazard Posting of National Youth Service Corps (NYSC): Motion on Non- Posting & Non – Mobilization Candidates of Tertiary Institutions for NYSC Scheme.

— Motion of Urgent National Importance: Urgent Need for the Acting President to Swear In & Apportion Office to Minister Designate from Kogi & Gombe States. 

— Motion of Urgent National Importance: National Clarion Call for National Unity ; United We Stand, Divided We Fall. 

— Motion on Urgent Need to Check the Importation of Firearms and Military Equipment into the Country by Politicians & Private Citizens. 

— Urgent Need to Restore the Hemorrhaging Morale of the Nigerian Military in the battle against Insurgency in the North East. 

— Motion of Urgent National Importance: Motion on the Urgent Need to Investigate the 100 billion naira released by the CBN for the Construction & Establishment of Mini – Modern Ranches Across the Nation. 

— Motion of Urgent National Importance: Urgent Need to End the Protracted Industrial Action of Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics (ASUP). 

— Motion of Urgent National Importance: Motion on Urgent Need to Stem the Rising Debt. 

— Motion of Urgent National Importance: Tragedy at 2014 Immigration Recruitment Exercise in Nigeria as 1 Million Nigerian Youths Scramble for 4500 Job Placements.

— Activities of MASSOB: A Call for the Cessation of Violence & Need to Embrace Dialogue. 

— Motion of Urgent National Importance: Clarion Call for National Unity in the Midst of Tyranny & Insurgency.


— Cancer Prevention and Control Bill 2015.

— Federal Highways (Amendment) Bill.

— National Symbol Bills 2013

— Nigerian Investment Promotion Council (Amendment) Bill. 

— National Farm Reserves Bill (H.B 130)

— Prohibition of Indispline Bill (H.B 82)

— National Security & Surveillance Bill 2013

— Merchant Shipping (Amendment) Bill 2013.

— Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety (Amendment) Bill 2013. 

— Capital Expenditure Roll- Over Bill. 

— National Grazing Routes and Reserves Bill (H.B 130)

— National Road Fund Bill 2011 (H.B 85)

— Whistleblower Bill 2011(H.B 84)

— Explosives Substance Bill 2011 (H.B 83)

— Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (Amendment) Bill 2013. 

— Legislative Houses (Powers & Privileges) (Amendment) Bill 2016 (H.B 413)

— Constitution Alteration Bill (No. 3) (H.B 56)

— Electoral Act (Amendment) Bill 2015 (H.B 988)

Death of President & Governor’s During Ongoing Election. 

— Electoral Act (Amendment) Bill 2015 (H.B 165

— Supreme Court (Additional Original Jurisdiction) Bill 2016

— Regulation & Control of Delegated Legislation Bill 2017. 

— The Public Procurement Bill 2018. 


The following Projects were Directly Facilitated by Hon. Karimi in the Appropriation Act: 

— Construction of 3 Blocks of Classrooms @ OkutaDudu High School, Odo – Ere, Yagba West via Federal Ministry of Housing. 

— Construction of 3 Blocks of Classrooms @ Cruise Memorial College, Mopa. (Mopa – Amuro LGA) via Federal Ministry of Housing. 

— Facilitation of the Construction of 2 Nos of 3 Classrooms with Furniture in Titcombe College, Egbe in the 2017 Appropriation Act. 

— Rehabilitation of 80 Nos of Solar Street Light Inclusive of Charge Battery & Other Accessories in the Federal Constituency. 

— Drilling of 6 Nos of Hand- Pumps Boreholes in the Federal Constituency. 

— Construction of 3 Blocks of Classrooms @ Comprehensive High School, Ponyan, Yagba East LG via Federal Ministry of Housing. 

— Supply of 2 Nos of Transformers in Yagba East LG via Federal Ministry of Power. 

— Nomination & Sponsorship of 12 Candidates for Industrial Training Fund (ITF) Skills Acquisition Programme through the House Committee on Industries in March 2018. 

— Nomination & Sponsorship of 61 Candidates for N- Power Programme under 2017 Appropriation Act that Commences in 2018.

— Distribution of 15 Solar Panel Boreholes Complete with 10000 Litres UPVC Tanks on 6 Metres Tower in Communities Across Yagba East, Yagba West & Mopa – Amuro Federal Constituency. 


— Takete- Ide


— Ijowa

— Iya Merin

— Iffe – Olukotun

— Oke – Ere 

— Ogga

— Odo Ere

— Oyi Apoto

— Distribution of 10 Hand- Pump Boreholes in Communities Across Yagba Federal Constituency. 


— Igbo – Ero

— Ijagbe 

— Aringba Odo Egbe

— Itedo – Ijowa Isanlu Mopa 

— Akata 

— Imela

— Otafun

— Odorom Odo Egbe

— Rehabilitation of 11 Nos of Boreholes in Yagba Federal Constituency. 

— Facilitation of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Centres under the Knowledge Centre Initiative of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) via the House of Reps Committee on Communications. 

— Sharing & Distribution of Drugs, Insecticides, Clothing Materials & Mosquito Nets for Women in the Constituency. 

— Set of Vehicles was Donated to Traditional Rulers & Youths Across Towns & Villages in Yagba Federal Constituency during the Launching of #200 Million Naira Yagba People Empowerment Initiative / Mid- Term Report @ Isanlu. 


— 120 Motor Cycles 

— 20 Tricycles

— 40 Sewing Machines

— 40 Grinding Machines 

— 10 Generators 

— 2 Block Molding Machines


It is worrisome how Kogi West Senatorial District have sunk deeper into Perilous Abyss of Penury, abject Poverty & Crass Under-Development. 

Though, it is imperative, to acknowledge the Litany of Economic Woes & Challenges facing us before Now. However, we are Optimistic, that if People – Centered, Humility Personified & God – fearing Icon like Hon. Sunday Karimi is given the Mandate in 2023, most of the Unpalatable but Redeemable situations would be reduced to the barest minimum.

A Plethora of factors helped in shaping him into a Loved & Massively Followed Leader. At the grassroot, Karimi owes much of his popularity to the fact that he has consistently kept faith with the Electorates, placing much Emphasis on Human Capital Development, Empowerment Schemes, Servant- Leader Posture ship, Equitable Distribution of Dividends of Democracy & Improved Living Condition of the Common People.

One incontrovertible fact is that SSK stands  tall as one of the most Charismatic Leaders on the Political Scene in Kogi West, Kogi State & by extension, Nigeria. This maybe, partly due to his Superlative Performance as House of Representatives member spanning a period of Eight (8) consecutive years (2011- 2015 — 2015- 2019). 

It is partly because of his Proactive and Good Representation that the ELECTORATES are Passionately Loyal to him like a Cult- Like Hero! 

Going by these Dispassionate Analysis, the Larger Percentage of the People of Kogi West have Resolved to give their Mandate to a Candidate who is Competent, Selfless, Experienced, Highly Versatile, Well Equipped & Having Capacity to trudge on where others Fizzle Out.

Without Pessimism, after careful deliberations and justaposing the Pros and Cons of all the Candidates vying for Kogi West Senatorial District in 2023, Hon. Sunday Steve Karimi have been rated above Pass Mark. 

He is Prudent, Accessible, Pliable, People – Driven, Go- Getter and most importantly, Humane in all his dealings in Private and Official Responsibilities.

This is not an Hyperbole but an attempt to Set the Record Straight.

Canvass, Mobilize & Vote for Karimi 4 Senate 2023.

– Hon. Femi Omoga
Kogi West Solidarity Movement 2023

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