Kogi West 2019: Yagba for Senate Initiative Seeks Equity

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Yagba Federal Constituency is one of the 3 Federal Constituencies in Kogi West Senatorial District, comprising of three (3) local Governments, namely Yagba West, Yagba East and Mopamuro Local Government Areas.

In consonance for the agitation for justice, equity and fairness in the 2019 Senatorial election in Kogi West, we have come together as a group of progressive constituents of Kogi West Senatorial District to release this communiqué to protect the spirit of oneness in the district. Hence, we want to state it clearly that this agitation is to promote the existing peace and to stand as a panacea to political downtroddenness in our progressive constituency.

Historically, Kogi West constituents were known for their political equity and fairness which has earned them high respect and given them a high sense of dominion in the political arena both in the state and the country at large.

In retrospect, going down the political ladder in the Senatorial District since the return of democracy in 1999, the senatorial district has had 3 elected senators.

Senator Jonathan Tunde Ogbeha from Lokoja/Kotonkarfe Federal Constituency who had the first shot (1999-2007) followed by Senator Smart Adeyemi from Kabba/Bunu/Ijumu Federal Constituency (2007- 2015) and Senator Dino Melaye (2015- till date) also from Kabba//Bunu/Ijumu Federal Constituency.

Looking at the democratic analysis above, it is clearly shown that no Yagba indigene have been elected as the senator since the return of democracy. Hence, it will be inconceivable that other constituencies apart from Yagba Federal Constituency will want to produce the next Senator come 2019.

Admittedly, there is nowhere in the constitution of the country where zoning is enshrined, yet equity and fair play have always prevailed in the internal electoral process in producing senates in the times past.

However, having complied with the “gentleman” agreement and cooperating with other Federal Constituencies to represent the district at the upper chamber. It will only be fair, equitable and legitimate for the Yagba Federal Constituency to be allowed to have their turn at the Upper Chamber of the National Assembly without compromising on credibility and electability of whoever emerges as a candidate.


We the constituents hereby plea to the entire Kogi West Senatorial constituents,all traditional rulers, all party loyalist, all democrats, all stakeholders to allow Yagba Federal constituency to represent the district in the forthcoming Senatorial election in the spirit of equity, oneness, togetherness, fairness, justice , impartiality and brotherhood.

We are equally appealing to all political families, notable politicians and potential candidates from other Federal Constituencies (Kabba/Bunu/Ijumu and Lokoja/Kotonkarfe Federal Constituency) who may be willing to contest or field a candidate to contest to please honour, respect and cherish the rotational principle as this will go a long way to curb any form of disunity in the district and provide a fertile ground for development and growth of the constituency.

Conclusively, Kogi West is a big family, because we are brothers and sisters, hence we will end this communiqué by quoting the word of Sunday Adelaja “Each and every one of us are created to carry out justice, judgment, truth and equity on earth, it could be in different spheres of life, in various professions or in diverse gravity, but the mandate is clear, his nature must be reflected on earth. If he is God of justice, people must see justice on earth, if he is God of sound judgement, that sound mind must be revealed in people who identify themselves with him, on daily basis. If he is God of truth, that truth must reign supreme on earth, even as he reigns over the universe. if fairness, impartiality and equity are his essence , that should become dominant in the society”.

Sir/Ma, we hope this communiqué will be given all form of seriousness and attention, it deserves as we look forward to a more united, progressive, impartial and equitable constituency.



Comrade Omosona T. Olakunle



Comrade Makanjuola Dahunsi Fatai

Co – convener


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