Kogi Under Yahaya Bello: Let’s Keep Hope Alive! – Jibrin Bakwo

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To all Kogites, as we hope for a better, modern and corrupt-free kogi state under the watch and superintendency of Gov. Yahaya Bello, we must note that the road may be rough, but with perseverance, hope and courage, we can secure a preferred developed kogi state of our dream.

Let’s keep hope alive.

Though our spirit may be broken now as a result of mistakes and some wee anomalies in the system, which will all be corrected in a jiffy, our will to forge ahead is untouchable. We can’t sacrifice patriotism for terrorism, NEVER! even if we are tempted to, lets bear this in mind that we promised a generation of men and women who are now sleeping in their graves on the school’s assembly ground etc that THEIR LABOUR SHALL NOT BE IN VAIN! Weeping may endure for a night. Hold on a little, our freedom is coming. Kogi and Nigeria are still redeemable…..

The word “KOGI aptly captures the variety of emotions, I feel for my state especially as it celebrates its 25th anniversary of independence, we the Kogi indigenes are confident people, proud of our culture and Identity, Industrious, Hardworking and great survivors. But to be frank with ourselves, we need to be resilient. Kogi state and Nigeria can be extremely frustrating, annoying and inefficient. An optimistic outlook on life makes it a place where anything and everything happens, we can make a difference. Let keep the spirit of Kogi and Naijanesss alive!

God bless Kogi state and Nigeria!!

– GoDwin Jißrin BaKwo

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