Kogi: Taking Investment and Economic Development Beyond Lips Service

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In furtherance of her drives for economic prosperity of all commercial and economic stakeholders and citizens in The State, pursuit of The New Direction vision and policy trust on job creations which is one of the major policy statement and thematic area among which agriculture, health, education and labour reforms are inclusive, Kogi State Government is now intensifying effort in ensuring industrialization of the commercial activities on the Confluence.

Investment and economic development activities has now been taking beyond lips service and commercial athletic (jerking without movement). Plans are presently been roll out by the organizing committee put together by The State Government partnering the organised private sector and investment stakeholders to launch The first ever economic and investment summit hitting investment public on 13th-14th 2018 themed ‘DISCOVERING UNCOMMON INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES IN THE CONFLUENCE’. It is expected to be declared open by the The Vice President of The Federal Republic of Nigeria, His Excellency, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo.

Now, why screaming investment! investment!! in Kogi?. Come with me… The facts on ground and in public domain put Kogi as the best bride for every profit and value driven investors. As it stands today, Kogi is very safe as the present government of New Direction takes security of citizens and their properties as the primary responsibility in governance. Thanks to the political will and the collaboration among the security agencies in the state. Investment of any magnitude in Kogi is very safe and guaranteed. The tranquility been witnessed on The Confluence, inconsequential crime rates and facts been made public in the recently concluded security summit in The State attested to the reality of sanity in Kogi State.

Other investment indices like return on Investment (ROI), sales, marketing, ease to do business ratio, labour (skilled and unskilled), tax administrations, environment, raw materials and institutions of government and her MDAs such as BUREAU OF LAND, BUREAU OF PUBLIC PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP and BUREAU OF PUBLIC PROCUREMENT and MINISTRY OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY among others are on ground, ready and friendly to smoothly aid and midwife investment of any genuine prospective investors into becoming a global brand to be recognise in industrial world and a friend to the banks.

All sectors of Kogi economy are juicy for investment from every analysis and all indication. Opportunities in agriculture and it’s value chain in Kogi is humongous. Recent statistics and milestones reeled out in the recent concluded agricultural summit in township stadium Lokoja was largely attended by agribusiness operators, agric equipments merchants and fabricators, extension workers, agric engineers and economists, experts, farmers, policy makers, stakeholders and general public was hugely successful. Any aspect of agribusiness which is of interest to any prospective investor is a sure returns guaranteed. The agricultural summit proceeds the Economic and Investment Summit where further windows of investment opportunities will be practically unveils.

However, it is an open secret that Kogi is richly endowed with solid and industrial minerals that flows from golden train of Yagba West to the limestone loaded town of Obajana, Alo, Okehi… out of which Dangote Cement and Dangote Group drives their balance sheet and iron-ore feasted town of Ajaokuta. It is worth mentioning the Clay and feldspar ridding town of Alo, Itobe, Adogo, Omala among other towns on which West African Ceramics Limited and BN Ceramics commercial survivals lies. It may interest you to know that best of the ceramics and tiles in Africa are produced in Kogi from West African Ceramics limited and BN Ceramics limited.

Coal in Okaba and other parts of the state are more than enough for energy production that will guaranteed return for any investors interested in Independent Power Project (IPP) and spur industrial explosion in the State. Most of the high profile mineral resources by the federal government are in commercial quantity in Kogi State.

Gold mining is a lucrative business next to petroleum and the commercial deposit found in Kogi is one of the best quality which is highly competitive in international pricing of gold commodity. Geophysical survey, geochemical sampling and contracting core drilling of gold in the field are ongoing in Yagba West by an authorized Company by Federal. But it remains a scratch on the surface as efforts is been intensified by the state in curtaining the activities of the illegal miners. That means opportunities abounds in mining in Kogi State. Prospective investors interested in mining are encouraged to take necessary investment measures to explore the inherent profitable investment in that sector and hence ensures the domestication of their productive activities in the State of the exploration.

Don’t forget that gold mine equally lies in the sector like trades, transportation, water resources, financial services, consultancy, entertainment and Tourism in the State. Kogi is truly your best destination for investment. Attends the upcoming Economic and Investment Summit. Come, Explore and Invest to Grow.

Kogi is waiting for your arrival to announce you to the world. Wishing you happy investment experience.-
Visit: www.kogiinvest.com.

– Akoh Jacobs

SSA on Commerce & Investment, SMEs Development to Kogi State Governor.

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