Kogi State Legislature; A League of Incompetent Gentlemen

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In a sovereign and a democratic state,the legislature is not only charge with the responsibility of making and amending the law of such state, rather it is also her responsibility to check and if need be, balance the activities of the executive arm of government.

Through this, the executive will not only properly and adequately serve essence, but will equally separate it self from any intent that abuses it’s office and it’s position in the government of such state.

To me and to every well meaning and eligible voter in Kogi state, these were amongst the several reasons why we voted for the present members of the Kogi state house of assembly, these were the reasons why we waited under the sun to vote and ensure that our votes were counted.

But in the last two years, we have indeed been left with nothing to show for this, basically because those who we asked to represent us in parliament have forgotten essence and now representing themselves.

Consciously and unconsciously they have become puppets in the hands of the Yahaya Bello led government.

They have turned our parliament into a place of mediocre, chattering, sharing of pleasantries, political hooliganism, political prostitution and legislative waywardness.

They have turned our parliament into a gathering of drunks, eaters of crumbs, vomits and leftovers.

Gradually,they have made it a parliament of unschooled and honourless individuals, lacking common integrity, common sense, common political morals and common patriotism.

The Kogi parliament has denigrated into a typical form of village meeting, where one drunk speaks after another drunk, and one mad man after another mad man.

Neglecting the essence of been there, neglecting the need to call the executives to order and ensuring that the attention of this government of several inappropriates is called to its countless lapses.

Thus today, the daily and the continuous struggle of the Kogi State legislature has become how to amass the wealth of our dear state, gain favor and recognition from the governor even at the detriment of their fellow honourable members of the house.

Indeed, like Emeka Nwabueze noted, the Kogi state parliament has become a parliament of incompetent vultures.

Faulty and lacking in thoughts, in discipline, in civil solidarity, in independence, in the tenets of democracy, in the ideas of representation and most of all…in the voice of reason.

– Jacob Unekwu Agada 
Osogbo, Nigeria.

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