Kogi State APC On The Brink Of Collapse

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…as Alhaji Ametuo and Gov Bello Battle For Supremacy following Congresses

After the Governor Yahaya Bello (GYB) group “sacked” the bonafide Exco of the Kogi State APC led by Alh Haddy Ametuo based on some trumped up allegations, GYB and his men quickly opened a new secretariat and appointed its own  own Excos led by Alh Salami Ahovi Ibrahim.

Shortly after, the APC at national level condemned the “sack and appointment drama” orchestrated by GYB and dissociated itself from the action, affirming the position of Alhaji Haddy Ametuo as the undisputed Chairman of the Kogi APC.

Following the controversies that trailed the APC ward Congresses where both the Ametuo and Ahovi camps produced winners, the Chairman of the Committee in charge of the APC ward congress in Kogi, Bestman Nze-Jombo said there were no parallel Ward Congresses in the state, claiming that he reached out to the bonafide Chairman (Ametuo) who turned him down and he resorted to working with the “acting chairman” (Ahovi).

In a swift reaction, Duro Meseko, the spokesman of the Ametuo group while addressing the press announced that in the run up to the APC conventions, his group, the real APC Exco, approached the National Secretariat of the party and collected the materials for the Congresses after deceiving the unrecognised Salami Ibrahim Ahovi led Exco and GYB, giving the impression that they had an intention to boycott the congresses but never really planned to do so, the National APC then gave all the Congress election materials to the Ametuo led APC being the legally recognised group.

Duro Meseko in his press release affirmed that his team conducted the only true authentic congress, insisting that the Alh Ahovi Ibrahim Salami congress is invalid and unrecognised by the law. Mr Meseko further announced that Yahaya Bello and his group can decamp to another party if they don’t like the fact that his group (Ametuo and co) held the only valid congresses based on their status as the only recognised Exco known to the law.

One wonders where the GYB camp led by Alh Ibrahim Ahovi who calls himself the “acting chairman” of the Kogi State APC derived his powers to be so called and to conduct the Congress when the main chairman is still very much alive and active.

From the foregoing, it is crystal clear that Ibrahim Ahovi and his team are unknown to either the APC constitution or the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and therefore, no action taken by them can ever withstand legal scrutiny, they are therefore running foul of the norms and must desist from it.

Clearly, its only a matter of time before the real Kogi State APC Chairman in the person of Alhaji Haddy Ametuo and his group are given due recognition and its actions including the congresses validated.



– Alaba Daramola

For: Kogi Conscience

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