Kogi Guber: The Odds in Favor of Governor Yahaya Bello

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Many, especially those outside the shores of Kogi State have find it puzzling to understand the inspiration behind Governor Yahaya Bello’s second term aspiration, considering the level of media bashing he has received as a result of delay in salary payment.

The impression many are given to understand about Bello is that he is a non-performing Governor by media agents of the opposition party but the truth is Bello have been able to record some tremendous achievements in the last three and half years in office even though some consider it not worthy of commendation.

The reasons that has re-ignited his aspiration are not far fetched. He is a smart politician who have been able to leverage on the lapses of his predecessors to showcase to the people of Kogi state that things can be done differently from the stale odd ways of doing things.

Governor Yahaya Bello came to power through providence, self efforts and conviction. He met a state that has been under the shackles of ethnic sentiment and self aggrandizement since its inception. He banked on this odd way of doing things to change the narrative through his actions, way of Governance and appointment of his cabinet members. He have been able to demonstrate to the people of Kogi state how detribalized he is, even those in opposition with a fair sense of judgment can attest to this.


Ethnic sentiment

Before now, Kogi state affairs have been handled like a family affair where sitting Governors appoint their brothers, in-laws and close relatives into key offices as a way of indirectly empowering them but Governor Yahaya Bello have demonstrated a paradigm shift from this myopic way of governance. A clear example is his choice to appoint his chief of staff and other relevant key positions from other senatorial districts. His predecessors never bothered if other senatorial districts are sidelined, their ethnic bigotism spoke volume through their actions and policies.

There was a time in Kogi state, a sitting Governor dammed all consequences and public outcry to relocate an already established specialist hospital from one senatorial district to another. There was a time a Governor appointed 80% of his cabinet members from his senatorial district. There was a time a Governor didn’t consider other senatorial districts worthy of infrastructural facilities but only focused on his own side. Bello, on the other hand, within his few years in office, have embarked on white elephant projects like Omi rice farm, road infrastructures without necessarily situating it in his hometown alone.

Security And Infrastructures

Kogi state used to be the confluence of robbery and kidnapping business. The previous governments were unperturbed and Kogi people were gradually getting used to the norm of seeing armed robbers on the high way as normal occurrence. GYB came on board and made Kogi state one the safest states in Nigeria through his good relationship with the Nigerian army and buying of numerous security apparatus ranging from patrol van to building of army base infrastructure and provision of other neccessities.

He has been able to put in place a good number of infrastructural amenities that his predecessors failed to provide. These and many more have endear Bello to the heart of the people of Kogi state, especially those who live in remote rural areas that never had access to good road, portable water and electricity before now as a result of neglect on the side of past Goverments.

Politically, he Inherited the state All Progressive Congress (APC) battling with internal crisis and he re-positioned the party to the enviable state it is today. When he was making efforts to bring the party together, many who are back to the and jostling for the party governorship ticket now used to think his efforts are going to end in futility because they were so convinced he is going to lose his court case but alas God is not a man.

The odds not only favour GYB reelection but it has given the people of Kogi state the opportunity to differentiate between light and darkness. Above all, Bello is a man who have been able to win peoples heart gradually over time with his selfless leadership style, Kogi people are becoming more aware of his good intentions, it is no doubt he will be re elected with a good number of votes margin. GYB is indeed a candidate.

– Amb. Aliyu Amoto Mahmud

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