Kogi Guber: Faleke Scammed Bello – Audu Political Group

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Audupolitical group has described the purported handing over of the late Prince Abubakar Audu political structure to Governor Yahaya Bello by Hon. James Faleke as the biggest political scam in the history of Kogi state.

In a press statement jointly signed and issued on Tuesday by Chief Dare Olatunde, the Maiyegun of Isanlu and Dr Odekina Abutu, the group described Faleke’s endorsement of Bello for a second term in the name of Audu/Faleke group as fraudulent.

The group disowned the member representing Ikeja federal constituency in the House of representatives over what they called political scam.

The group stated that as a member of Ikeja federal constituency where there is no Audu group, Faleke did not have a right to the group he his laying claims to.

“He was brought to Kogi state in a political arrangement that made him late Prince Abubakar Audu’s running mate, a relationship that barely lasted six weeks before the late political sage passed on.

“Faleke met Abubakar Audu after the 2015 primary elections of the All Progressives Congress. Immediately after the Supreme court ruling on the disputed 2015 governorship election that affirmed the fact that Hon James Faleke could not inherit Prince Audu’s votes, he absconded to his base and area of influence, Lagos state, only for him to come back three years later and attempt to claim political leadership of the Audu political structure to endorse Gov Yahaya Bello! This is a fraud.

“The Audu political family urge the public to disregard this endorsement. Hon James Faleke can only represent the Faleke political family, if it exists.

“The late ex-Governor Audu’s family urge all and sundry to disregard the charade carried out by James Faleke,” the statement read.

In two separate press releases, the political group posited that the late Audu’s political structure is not a commodity to be traded for cheap political points and gratification.

“Historically, in the 1990-1992 political arrangement, late Prince Abubakar Audu had already solidified his political grip in Kogi West, with Chief Samuel Ola Akande deputising for the late political sage for almost two years. These are the entities that could lay claim to some segments of Audu’s progressive political structure.

“Between 1999-2003, during his second coming to the leadership of Kogi and attempt for another term, Chief Patrick Adaba from Kogi central deputised Prince Audu and has a stake in the the Audu political family.

“Chef Ola Akande and Chief Patrick Adaba are still alive and relevant but they as respected elder statesmen did not meddle into the political arrangement of their former boss for obvious political exigencies. Then, why should Faleke?

“Audu’s political structure has existed since 1991 when he contested and won under the platform of the National Republican Convention (NRC) from there to All Peoples Party (APP) to the All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP), to the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) and later to the All Progressives Congress (APC) where Faleke enjoyed a two month political affiliation with the late Adoja of Igala land, Prince Audu.”

Further querying the endorsement, Chief Dare and Dr Abutu said Faleke cannot handover the Audu political group when there are no prominent politicians from the Audu political family in Kogi East, Central and West involved, saying “he rather gathered fair weather politicians who have lost all relevance in the political landscape of Kogi state and want to use this to jump-start their stagnated political relevance.”

“It should also be known that biological family members of the late political sage inherited the structure and are involved in active politics in the same party, the APC, as we all saw during the 2015 and 2019 elections. Common sense dictates they are in total control of this structure.

“From the grapevine, Faleke and his political benefactor have given credence to the fact that a cash and carry bargain for the ‘sale’ of late Audu’s political family was consummated behind the scenes which explains Faleke’s sudden radical volte face and romance with his erstwhile number one political enemy.

“The implications of this grievous political misadventure by Chief James Faleke has also eroded the fast political acceptance he garnered through the late sage and recognition accorded to him by his kinsmen considering he was a stranger from Lagos with no ties even in his village, Ekinrin Adde.

“It may interest the public to know that the late Gov Audu’s political journey since 1991 cannot be compared to Faleke’s Lagos sojourn where he still survives by the grace of a single man who can take everything away from him in a second.

“In fact, his political god father and benefactor, Chief Ahmed Bola Tinubu is too savvy and astute to attempt what Faleke has monetised in Kogi, even as a national figure, because politically, himself and the late Adoja of Igala land were contemporaries having served as governors of their respective states between 1999-2003.

“So Faleke’s latest misadventure is a sham, a farce, and very disappointing and the Audu family entreats James Faleke to proudly bear his father’s name,” the group said.

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