Kogi Guber: ‘Arrest APC Attackers With AK-47 or We Will Defend Ourselves’

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Last night, Friday Attah and Friday Bala both in Ajiolo Oja-Aji were attacked and their houses burnt to ashes. It’s getting tensed and the incumbent is jittery, and have resorted to the use of violence and elements of war, as we go into the last 30 days of electioneering.

The Kogi State PDP campaign council is issuing a 7 day Ultimatum to the Police, to arrest and prosecute APC thugs armed with AK 47 rifles, freely unleashing mayhem on the peaceful people of Odu Ward 2 in Dekina local government area of Kogi State. This is on-going as we speak!

Severally, complaints and petitions have been written by our party and candidate, all to deaf ears of the Nigerian Police Command in Lokoja. We have issued this ultimatum in good faith, that these devilish elements be brought to book or we will have no other option than to defend ourselves.

It’s so sad that APC is afraid of a peaceful election in Kogi State. The recent statements by the APC Zonal chairman, Ahmed Attah that our people should stay off Kogi State if they wont vote for Mr. Yahaya Bello of APC is already manifesting and yet this same character walks freely, as he continues his violence acts unabated.

We hereby call the Nigerian Police authorities to arrest these louts and agents of destabilization who are APC thugs. We are aware of the plans by State APC Caucus, to harass and kill PDP supporters; burn their houses and kidnap many  to scare away voters from coming out to exercise their franchise of voting for the popular candidate of PDP. All these are manifesting already.

By this ultimatum, we wont be held responsible for any action(s) that may follow after this 7 days. This ultimatum is not a ‘Threat to peaceful coexistence’  but a means of survival – we can’t allow state sponsored miscreants kill our people all in the name of elections.


Johnson Musa
Spokesman, Kogi PDP Communications Committee

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