Kogi Guber: Admiral Usman Jibrin Lacks The Wherewithal

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It is quite unfortunate that what elate us as regards the liberation of our dear Kogi state is individualistic rather than what is collectively sin-qua-non to the subject matter. Because of this, we act indispensable to the best and put to bear what pilots self-conceits. How can a sane mind sell Admiral Usman Jibril as governor of Kogi state? Is there no one that can oust Yahaya Bello again? Why are they acting ignorant to his questionable characters especially on public funds?

A man whose year as security chief has made EFCC so proactive in their job, with looted money been found everywhere, even in the sucker ways, countless ceased properties believed to be crime proceeds both in Nigeria and Dubai. Is this the man who should become the governor of a state with scanty resources? I weep for my dear Kogi state because even in danger, we still slumber.

I have said this often that, at the current stage, Kogi does not need corrupt people at the helm of affairs, but integrity, sanity and if I must be extreme about it, anyone with the fear of God. These wherewithal Jubril do not have. Look, this man has contributed to insecurities currently holding sway in Nigeria, he was part of those that enmeshed Nigeria into the current security crisis by looting what is meant to secure the country. He can’t be governor of Kogi state, except we want to wine with the same inaccuracies once more. As a matter of fact, there is no maudlin about it, he can only lead Kogi state to a sore exit.

I can’t be amazed any lesser with how these social media penchants brandish people for political offices, whether as repented thief or victim of false accusation, but we must call a spade a spade, Jibril’s governorship ambition is out of context. He is not the progressive character we need, neither does he has the cerebral capacity to compel the manifestation of the new Kogi state.

There are few realities I cannot deny though; that the people falls prey of politicians’ invidious tactics is an upshot of a prevailed circumstance over livelihoods. Even in their respective homes, my gullible Kogites go as far as seeking their consent so as to activate the crumb. Well, this is seemingly predestined because there is no ‘Kogi state that favors everyone’ at the moment. But then, we must endure to secure ‘the Kogi state that favors everyone’, this is where dreams and aspiration for better socio-economic and political reform is paramount. And to achieve this, competent hands are much required. Hence, looters can go to hell, even those who have questions to answer with EFCC should not bother themselves.

Although, I am not unaware that election nowadays has nothing to do with those who casts the vote but those counting it, the few thieves we already know and are dreaming to steal more from Kogi’s patrimony should wake up from their slumbers.

Kogi can’t afford another Yahaya Bello!

On this reference, Admiral Usman Jibril should go and answer his case with EFCC instead of posing as daylight dreamer, Kogi’s governing business is neither a child play nor for people like him.

I detest “the who you help ideologies” else, I would have listed one hundred and one names of promising youths from Okura Olafia whose unwavering hopes to serve fatherland were thwarted despite having people like Admiral Usman Jibril and the host of others.

For posterity sake, the need to liberate Kogi state is non-negotiable, therefore, Kogites must watch well before taking any decision. We can’t reject Pharaoh and accept Lucifer. My view.

God Bless Kogi state.

– John Paul

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