Kogi Govt’s Lies Must Be Coherently and Properly Told – Salihu Adam Jiddah

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Today, I woke up to a wonderful news, or better said an alternative truth from Mr Gbenga Olorunpomi whom the reporter acknowledged as Senior Special Assistant on Electronic Media to Gov. Yahaya Bello. According to him, the government is not owing salaries of workers in the state.
This to me is a complete mischief, an information arrogantly spread to show fake support or loyalty to his pay master unknown to him, he is causing more I’ll than good.
Take a look at this statement from the SSA
“This government came to power at the time civil servants were on strike; the issue that led to the strike was that of the salaries owed to the workers for many months.
“At that time, all schools in the state were shut down; the government of Gov. Yahaya Bello then decided that the only way to tackle this was to do total civil service verification.
My question now is this, haven’t you acknowledged, the fact that there was issue of unpaid salaries, are the schools no longer striking? Or is government no longer a continuum? I think the writer is confused himself.
It is unfortunate that anyone could voice out anything he feels is right either it is the truth or alternative truth.
Recently, I listen to the chief of staff, Edward Onoja on channels television. In his statement, he debunked the news of those who in the name of unpaid salaries call series of month like 20 months 18 months etc but at least he was fair to the realities by admitting that there was 12month on paid salaries. Funny as it were, even though I consider one month of unpaid salary as irresponsible of any government; I commend him for accepting this bitter realities.
Now for us to take a stand between Edward and Gbenga who is saying the truth? I think if government wants to lie to its people that’s is not the biggest problem, when those lies are coming from different angels of govt and tends to oppose them selves then that’s is the problem.
My opinion about kogi state is simple. We have taken the wrong path. We took this path the day they brought all enemies of the state to remove Audu out of the state. The event that follow this has been devastating. From governor Ibro to Wada has been a colossal waste to all of us. Ibro came into power the same time  Danjuma Goje came in; in 2003 from that time till now please come to Gombe state, a state that has nothing compared to us in manpower, and other resources. Even the federal allocation of Gombe is not up to ours. Gombe is becoming a city and a state to be proud of in Nigeria.
It seems we forgot that we are talking about kogi state a one time capital of Nigeria. Its unfortunate that we are arguing over unpaid salaries. Look at lokoja, look at kogi state.
The government must know now that the blame game is over, government must be responsive and responsible, govt must be proactive to resolve the hardship currently being faced by everyone in the state especially the working class.
To governor Bello, the chance to write his name in history is here. He has to decide how he wants to be remembered. Either as a governor who ruled or a governor who lead. Its pathetic that government appointees now come out to defend injustice, if I may ask the SSA, how many months is he being owed. Certainly he would not know the pains of those who goes to work without pay. A professional working force that is suppose to be the engine of development not political appointees that can be sacked tomorrow.
The SSA can from now on learn to be quite on issues that he has no fact or at least try to be fair to his conscience if he must speak at all.
– Salihu Adam Jiddah
Founder, Kogi Liberation Movement

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