Kogi Govt. Opens Bid for Procurement of Sanitary, Forestry Kits/Equipment, Others

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Kogi Government has opened a tender for works, supply and services” for investors on the procurement of sanitary, forestry kits/equipment for the State Ministry of Environment and Natural resources.
Mr Femi Abolaji, the Desk Officer of the ministry, disclosed this at a meeting with pre-qualified investors in Lokoja on Wednesday.
Abolaji said the ministry has gone through the Bureau of Public Procurement (BP2) where they obtained “no objection” for all the lots before carrying out the tender opening in line with the Procurement Law of 2014.
“Besides, we have also advertised all the lots in the national dailies to inform the general public and 35 investors have signified their interest and applied for the bid procurement.
“We opened the bid and we discovered that the lots are all responsive, encouraging and very successful, due to the cooperation of the investors coupled with commitment of the state government.
“We shall continue the process on Friday as we have constituted an Evaluation Committee with members from all the relevant stakeholders within and outside the ministry,” he said.
Abolaji added that the selective tendering to be adopted include: cleaning services; land scaping, beautification of Lokoja/Green belt development; survey and erection of beacons in 27 Foresty Reserves; and supply of forestry kits and equipment.
Others are supply of seedlings for afforestation; supply of safety wears/uniforms for the ministry; construction of mobile public toilets, maintenance, management and operation (revenue generation).
Mr Sam Asuquo, a representative from the Civil Transparency Network (CTN), commended the state government and the ministry for their transparency, accountability and fairness in the procurement exercise.
“Though it takes time, but it is better to follow the right process and do it properly. I believe everybody in this hall today has seen with our eyes how transparent and fairness the process has been.
“We are here to ensure that there is transparency, accountability, equity and fairness in public procurement. I urge the evaluation committee to continue in that spirit to make sure that the aim of the procurement exercise is achieved,” Asuquo said.
Mr Anthony Okure, one of the investors, commended the ministry and the state government for the process adopted in carrying out the procurement exercise, and for giving every investor a level playing ground.
Credit: Stephen Adeleye

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