Kogi Gov’ship: Youths and Student Bodies Endorse Usman Ododo

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Youth and student bodies in Kogi state, including the National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN), Nigeria Youth Parliament (NYP) Kogi state, National Association of Kogi State Students (NAKOSS), National Association of Nigeria Students (NANs), and Association of Nigeria Female Students (ANFS), have jointly endorsed Alhaji Ahmed Usman Ododo as the All Progressives Congress candidate for the upcoming November Governorship election. This endorsement comes as a result of Governor Bello’s remarkable achievements in the education sector.

RT. Hon. Ibikunle Adebayo Olajide, the speaker of the Kogi State Youth Parliament, presented the motion on behalf of all youth and student bodies in the state, emphasizing the exceptional performance of Governor Bello over the past seven years. They firmly believe in the continuity and consolidation of his administration’s progress and have pledged to mobilize their members and structures throughout the state to enlighten the public as the polls draw near.

Leaders of various youth and student bodies individually praised the New Direction Government for its focus on education, the well-being of students, and the recognition and opportunities provided to the youth in the state’s governance. Comrade Usman Ogohi Samuel, Chairman of the National Youth Council of Nigeria, Kogi state, expressed gratitude to the governor for the state youth body’s empowerment, highlighting Kogi as one of the few states with a well-established youth house in the country. He assured Governor Bello of the youths’ continued support and appreciation for his efforts in empowering the younger generation. The Chairman also commended the governor for fair resource distribution across the three Senatorial districts.

Governor Yahaya Bello thanked the youth for their unwavering support and acknowledged that his administration transcends religious, ethnic, and other sentiments to address issues of deprivation and exploitation of Kogi State’s resources. He urged the citizens, especially the youth, to join forces with the government in confronting those who have been plundering the state’s resources for personal gain. Governor Bello emphasized the need to liberate the state from those who have denied the youth their rightful share of resources, which could have addressed unemployment and other pressing needs.

The governor affirmed that the APC candidate, Ahmed Usman Ododo, would continue the fight for the liberation of the state’s resources and promised that Kogi would become the most prosperous state in the country under Ododo’s administration. Governor Bello assured the youth and student bodies that his leadership, utilizing stringent managerial skills within the limits of available resources, would prioritize their needs. He reiterated his commitment to providing inclusive leadership, free from ethnic and religious biases.

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