Kogi Gov’ship: SDP Ward Chairmen Collapses Structures for Action Alliance’s Braimoh in Bassa

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Ahead of November governorship election, Ward Chairmen of Social Democratic Party (SDP) in Bassa local government area of Kogi state have collapsed the party structures of six out of ten wards for Action Alliance (AA).

Former chairmen of SDP from six out of 10 wards in the local government made their position known an an event which took place at Oguma town hall on Saturday.

The SDP chairmen in attendance were Jimba Tukura, Jere Joseph, Luke Jere, Samuel Kpanachi, Wodi Lazarus, John Nyizogembi of Ozugbe, Akuba 2, Ozungulo, Akuba 1, Ikende and Akanana Ayede wards respectively.

Speaking at the event, the Chairmen took time to explain the reasons behind their collective decision to leave SDP and join AA.

The primary reason centered on the wealth creation and distribution (STAT) agenda of the governorship candidate of Action Alliance, Olayinka Braimoh.

They submitted that Braimoh’s STAT Agenda has proven beyond reasonable doubt that the inherent benefit is capable of bringing happiness to the state.

They all spoke in one voice that hunger knows no tribe, religion or party and since the agenda will address the nagging issue of poverty and hunger in the state, they are ready to ensure Braimoh’s victory at the poll through their votes.

They talked about the Sheria bridge, which is made of wood and happens to be the only route to their market, saying that in the history of the town, no candidate has ever crossed over but that Olayinka Braimoh did not only cross over the bridge but took time to walk round the market in solidarity with the plights of their people.

On this singular reason, they all agreed that he deserves their votes. Thereafter, the chairmen with the entire members of the wards tore their SDP membership cards to symbolize their exit from the party.

On his part, the Action Alliance candidate, Otunba Olayinka Braimoh said he was extremely worried about the state of things in the community.

He said, “Bassa people are working so hard, yet there is no significant infrastructure and road for them to take their produce to the market. Walking and transporting their produce through a wooden bridge is extremely dangerous, risky and counterproductive. This is part of what the STAT agenda has come to address and the only way to ensure implementation of the agenda is for them to come out en-masse on November 11 to vote for Olayinka Braimoh of Action Alliance.

“Today, I am happy that the structures of SDP are being collapsed with AA. This shows that people aren’t just talking about moving from poverty to prosperity but, against all odds, they are taking the right actions that will eventually translate to victory for our party which will invariably, through the STAT agenda, bring the much needed progress to the State.”

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