Kogi Gov’ship Poll: APC Expands Its Reach as Mr. Spreading Hosts Eika Leaders to a Victory Dinner

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The All Progressives Congress (APC) is celebrating its growing influence in the Eika District of Okehi Local Government with a momentous event. General Matthew James Avabee Jnr, popularly known as Mr. Spreading, a charismatic and vibrant political juggernaut, hosted a victory dinner in Eika to bring together party stalwarts from various domains.

He was accompanied by his Good friend and APC Stakeholder from Okene Local Govt Hon A A Okene who also encourage and appreciate Eika people for their Party support at all time..

The gathering, which took place at the residence of Alhaji Onsachi Ahmed, also known as ‘Alh DIET,’ served as a platform to discuss crucial political matters, especially those pertaining to the development of the Eika axis in Okehi Local Government – a zone that played a pivotal role in the recently concluded gubernatorial elections, resulting in the victory of His Excellency Alhaji Usman Ahmed ODODO as the Governor-Elect.

The presence of Malam Abdulmalik Akuvada, a prominent figure in the opposition party, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), demonstrated the democratic and harmonious conduct of the recent elections. Akuvada publicly declared his support for the ruling APC and promptly defected from the opposition party, emphasizing the importance of uniting all critical stakeholders.

During the event, influential figures from the Eika axis, including Alhaji Mouktar Atimah, Alhaji Yakubu Obajana, Adayi Togo, Alhaji DIET, and others, stressed the need to rally together and provide unwavering support to the government in power. This collective effort aims to ensure the growth and development of the axis, recognizing its significant contributions to the electoral success of the incumbent administration.

The celebration was further elevated with generous contributions from notable personalities such as Prince Maleek Okino, Onogwu Galacticus, and other supporters. Their financial support added to the festive atmosphere of the gathering and showcased the unity and dedication of the APC members.

The people of Eika express their gratitude to General Matthew James Avabee Jnr, Honorable Mukhtar Atimah, Alhaji Onsachi Ahmed, and all the attendees for their unwavering commitment to the party and its mission to transform Kogi State, particularly Okehi Local Government. The APC wholeheartedly welcomes everyone into the fold and looks forward to harnessing their energy, expertise, and influence to drive progress and prosperity for all citizens.

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