Kogi Gov’ship: Igala Kingdom Must Unite to Achieve Political Relevance – Arc Aduku

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  • Governor Yahaya Bello has been trying to reduce the Igala kingdom to nothing politically by his actions

A former Minister of State for Health, Arc. Gabriel Yakubu Aduku, has called on the people of Igala Kingdom in Kogi state to close ranks and shun selfishness to save the race from continued subjugation.

Speaking with newsmen on the November 11 2023 Kogi governorship election and the fate of Igalas, Arc. Aduku said Governor Yahaya Bello has been trying to reduce the Igala kingdom to nothing politically by his actions.

He charged the people of the Igala Kingdom to unite if they want to regain political relevance in the forthcoming governorship contest in the state.

Aduku, who is also the Chairman of Ukomu Igala Organization (UIO), said the problem with some of his Igala kinsmen is betrayal because of cash inducement, stressing that money is the major challenge working against the unity of the people of the kingdom.

“This forthcoming election is another test for the Igala people to be united, and to be clearly seen to be united. And by that, we can save our kingdom. Those of us who are elders in this system now are willingly giving our time and other contributions and continue to appeal to the people to realize that the objective of Bello in particular is to reduce the Igala nation to nothing. That is what he wants to do. He will not succeed, and that is why the people need to know that we will all be steadily destroyed if such is allowed.

“But the thing is that the people must all work together, and not that along the line some persons will retreat and begin to destroy the system because of cash inducement. In fact, it is money that is the problem working against the unity of the kingdom,” he said.

Aduku said the Igalas attempted to try to get the governorship, but the system has not allowed it, and that is how the system will continue to plunge the state into more and more trouble because of the way Governor Yahaya Bello wants to manipulate the political process in the state.

According to the former minister, their outlook in the election also is for opportunities to be opened up to other parts of the state so that they can all participate equitably and work properly towards the election. with all seriousness.

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