Kogi Gov’ship: An Appeal to APC Party Delegates

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At this defining moment in the history of our dear state, more than ever before, we have identified perhaps the greatest challenge to our democracy and State prosperity – the poor choice of delegates. The problem with Nigeria is not the absence of intelligent minds to run our dear states and  country.

The perennial problem is the poor choices made by party delegates at successive primary elections. For many, it is a unique opportunity to gain some financial reward for their political toil over the years. Some delegates reserve their votes strictly for the highest bidder, even if such is a brainless moneybag.

The state electorates become helpless by choices made by delegates at every election. Some delegates do not understand the salience of their roles at the primaries. The problem has never been the lack of eligible or willing electorates but who to vote for.

The much-anticipated 2023 Kogi state election year is around the corner; with party primaries already scheduled; the moment is here! As seen in previous elections, politicians are confident in their trade of buying delegates.

Plans are in top gear to “Nairalise” the primaries.

For the moneybags, it’s a done deal. Unfortunately, the hope of competent candidates lies in the hopeful, intelligent choices of the delegates. Across the political spectrum, many have shown interest in becoming, and they have the right to. But Kogites and the delegates know who the best candidates are…the hope is that money will not win.

As a delegate, you might even get more Naira than you anticipated, but what becomes of the out dear State when incompetence ride on your thumb into public offices. What will become of the great legacies of our leader, Governor Yahaya Bello (GYB) in various critical sectors, such as security, economy, health, education, etc., if misfits get into high offices? Will the naira be enough to save your family and loved ones when your Governor cannot govern well? Why wait to regret your choices when you have a rare opportunity to change the fortune of this state for good and consolidate on the gains we have had during in the current administration.

Kogi state is at a critical juncture, and we cannot afford to gamble with it. A lot is at stake if we allow money becloud our sense of reasoning and judgement. Dear Esteemed Delegate, you have a huge responsibility on your shoulders, first to put the state interest above yours; to ensure that only competent, trustworthy, and hard-working man is on the ballot. This is undoubtedly a lot to ask in a highly capitalized democracy, but can you at least give Kogites the benefit of quality candidates for once in a long time. The next four years and indeed the future of the state is in your hands; you can either cash out or be different. We hope you would be different.

I call on you all to vote for capacity, an intelligent, tested and trust worthy candidate, Alh. Momoh Jibrin, the former Accountant General of the State.

– Tosin Tafu writes from Lokoja.

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