Kogi Gov’ship: Adabara Confident APC Will Win, Urge Electorate to Disregard Trending Audio Comments

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Convener of Ododo School-to-School Campaign, Comrade Adabara Abduljelil El-Okene has called on Kogites to disregard statements capable of heating up polity in the state.  

Comrade Jelil Adabara made the statement while conferring with his political allies over the party’s preparation for the forthcoming gubernatorial election in Kogi state.

The convener also condemned the opposition parties trying to poison the atmosphere of politics in Kogi state with ethnocentrism. Adabara said the politics of ethnocentrism and snobbery were all bygones.

He said the last general elections in the country has proven that ethnic jingoists and religious bigots are only wasting their precious time; that people are wise enough to choose the best candidate that will represent the interest of the masses.

He boasted that the candidate of All Progressive Congress (APC), Alh. Usman Ododo have encompassing tests in the number of achievements he has made in the state as the Auditor General of Local Government.

He assured APC in the state that Alh Ododo Ahmed Usman (OAU) is on the verge of winning the November governorship election.

He admonished the supporters to continue campaigning peacefully for the APC candidate and dismiss the trending hatred-laden audio comments on the social media.

Adabara lamented the bad intention of some politicians on the habit of promoting tribal sentiment in politics.

He called on all the tribes in Kogi state to continue exploring the unity the government of day has put in place through the even distributions of dividend of democracy across the state.

Comrade Jelil said that he has no doubt that Ododo is endowed with knowledge and wisdom and he would use his exalted level to make Kogi state one of the leading hub of governance in the country.

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