Kogi Gov’ship: Abubakar Rajab Takes Responsibility for APC Candidate’s Performance

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By Muhammad Ahmad.

In an unprecedented display of personal responsibility and commitment to good governance, a prominent politician, Alhaji Abubakar Rajab, has made a public declaration asserting that he will personally assume accountability should the All Progressives Congress (APC) gubernatorial candidate, Alhaji Ahmed Usman Ododo fail to deliver on his promises if elected in the November 11 election.

With the political atmosphere in Kogi State buzzing with anticipation for the forthcoming elections, Alhaji Rajab’s statement has sparked considerable interest and discussion among citizens and political observers alike.

In a meeting held earlier this week, Rajab confidently declared that “if Mr. Usman Ododo, the APC gubernatorial candidate, wins the upcoming election and fails to fulfill his obligations while in office, hold me responsible.”

This bold assertion by Rajab, known for his integrity and staunch dedication to good governance, has raised eyebrows and has been seen by many as an exemplary demonstration of accountability in Nigerian politics. By offering to bear the brunt of responsibility for the actions, or lack thereof, of the elected candidate, Rajab has sent a clear message that the commitment to serve the people does not end with winning an election.

Rajab, a respected figure within the APC, has a long history of philanthropism, championing transparency, accountability, and social development. His dedication to public service has earned him a reputation as a principled leader who values the interests of the people above personal gain. With this latest declaration, Rajab seeks to not only hold Ododo accountable but also to reinforce the significance of delivering on campaign promises and the dire consequences of failing to do so.

The timing of Rajab’s statement could not be more critical, as Kogi State grapples with pressing socio-economic challenges that demand effective and efficient leadership. By publicly accepting accountability for Ododo’s actions, Rajab has positioned himself as a vocal advocate for citizens, urging elected officials to prioritize the needs of the people and work tirelessly to bring about positive change.

As the November 11 election approaches, all eyes will be on the APC gubernatorial candidate, Mr. Usman Ododo, and his performance in office if he secures victory. With Rajab’s unwavering commitment to accountability, citizens can be assured that the consequences of unfulfilled promises will not go unnoticed.

As Kogites exercise their democratic right to vote by November 11 election — it is essential for citizens to carefully consider the candidates’ track records, their dedication to service, and their commitment to delivering on the aspirations of the people. Rajab’s statement serves as a reminder to voters that accountability in governance should not be taken lightly and that the electorate must actively participate in holding their representatives accountable for their actions.

In a political landscape often marred by broken promises and unfulfilled expectations, Abubakar Rajab’s declaration of personal responsibility sets a powerful precedent for both aspiring politicians and the electorate. It serves as a reminder that true leadership entails more than just winning an election; it necessitates an unwavering commitment to the welfare and progress of the people.

Come November 11, the citizens of Kogi state electorate will cast their votes, knowing that at least one man is prepared to hold himself accountable for the actions of the elected representative. Abubakar Rajab’s pledge serves as a beacon of hope, reminding Kogites that the pursuit of good governance and accountable leadership is within their grasp.

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