Kogi Flood: Ferry and Canoe Operators Count Gains

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As thousands of displaced families count their losses, ferry and canoe operators are making good money from the devastating situation.

Canoes now filled the road covered with water around Ganaja village to carry passengers who live across the ‘water’ to their destinations as taxis have to stop by the troubled area.

Canoe Business around Ganaja Village

It is cheaper for commuters to patronise canoe operators as they charge as little as N30 or N50 as against Okada that will have go through a much longer route around 500 units.

Main business is by Marine road in Lokoja. Canoes and ferries are having a field day carrying passengers and vehicles across the water to Banda.

They charge between N400 and N500 per person while vehicles are charged N10,000 and above.

Ferry carrying passengers and vehicles

This is now the shortest route to Abuja as against the extra stressful journey through Ankpa-Markudi-Lafia. Once the passengers and their vehicles get to Banda they can then proceed to Abuja without flood problems.

A community leader around the waterways claimed they have ferried about 25,000 people and 3,000 vehicles since he commenced the business about a week ago.

“The boats are here because of the flood. We have never experienced this kind of thing in this town ever since I was born. The boats are here to ferry people who are going to Abuja.

“We help those who have important appointment or business transaction in Abuja ferry their vehicles from flooded areas to the hinterland.

“On Tuesday, we ferried over 2,000 intending pilgrims to Saudi Arabia from Lokoja to the other side so that they could go on the pilgrimage. We started this business about one week ago. We ferried over 25,000 people and 3,000 vehicles.”

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