Kogi Equity Roundtable; This Is The Time To Talk

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Gentle men of the press,we in Kogi Equity Roundtable are out today to remind the Governor of Kogi State, His Excellency Alhaji Yahaya Bello, of the need to take steps toward the fulfilment of the campaign promises of his party. APC.
During the 2014 gubernatorial campaign, this body took the late gubernatorial aspirant of the of the All Progressive Congress,  Prince Abubaka Audu and his Running Mate, Hon James Faleke up on the issue of Power Rotation in Kogi State, the duo promised that, within the first two years of its administration, the APC government will establish a solid basis for power rotation at all levels of political participation in Kogi State.
It was on this basis, that we joined force with several other groups within the state and in the diaspora, to mobilise massive support for the APC.
Unfortunately, after the election has been won and lost, the flag bearer died and the victory was handed over to Governor Bello.
We wish to remind the governor that, the victory handed over to him by his party and the courts, is a pod, whose content is not limited to juicy assets but includes bags of major liabilities in terms of campaign promises. Power Rotation is fundamental among these promises and the people of Kogi State may never forgive APC if the issue is not attended to now.
One grey area in the politics of Kogi State, is the absence of a convention establishing an adoptable structure that takes care of our internal democracy across board.
Democracy is incomplete, if it fails to allude to the general content of the society upon which it is applied, in terms of structure, culture and general societal Idiosyncrasies Democracy is meant to be the demonstration of  Idiosyncrasies.
That is why the practice varies from country to country. In a subtle manner, Nigeria has adopted rotational presidency at the center. Rotation must be embraced at the state and even senatorial level. The governorship senatorial and assembly slots must be rotated.
Employment and appointments should be tailored in line with our internal divergence. They must be even and equitable.
We therefore wish to plead with the state governor, to speedily facilitate the process for stakeholders to agree on a pattern for the rotation of all political offices at all levels of political participation in Kogi State.
These are our focus and the subjects of our agitation.
Thank you.
Pastor Stanley Ajileye.
Director General
(Kogi Equity Roundtable)

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