Kogi East Senate Tussle: Court Grants Aidoko Leave to Transfer Case from Presiding Judge

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By Yusuf Abubakar.
The Federal High Court, Abuja today entertained the request filed by Kogi East senator, Atai Aidoko Ali ‎to transfer the fresh retrial ordered by the Supreme Court from Justice Binta Nyako to another judge for the commencement of the hearing.
The leave of transfer of the case was at the instance of the Chief Judge of the Federal High Court and transferred the case to Justice Kolawole Ilori having looked into the complaints and details of ‎some observations and point of law raised by the senator and his lawyers.
The presiding Judge, Binta Nyako was disqualified by the observation of Kogi East senator for glaring prejudicial statements, likely interference and ‎age-long relationship that existed between one of the contenders, Air Marshal Isaac Mohammed Alfa, who was a service chief in the former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s administration.
Justice Nyako had on several occasions, during the sitting in her court, made series of preemptive and prejudicial statements that threw the parties in the case off balance.
Aidoko’s lawyers had expressed deep reservations on the traceable affiliation and particularly utterances that may likely form the opinion of the judge, particularly on were the pendulum will likely swing by speculating removal of the senator and refund of all earnings since assumption of duty and other delicate, unpalatable outbursts.
Air Marshal Isaac Mohammed Alfa (Rtd) and Admiral Murtala Nyanko (Rtd) both served as Chief of Air Staff and Naval Chief respectively before the former was unceremoniously removed after a breach of protocol against the former Minister of Defence, General T.Y. Danjuma at an occasion in Kaduna by the wife during her stint as former NAFOWA president.

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