Kogi East Senate: Open Letter to QS Aminu Abubakar Suleiman

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Dear QS Aminu Abubakar Suleiman,

I would start by saying that our people have matured politically to know a good leader when they see one. Our people have seen and known the developmental trail of lights which your professional acumen has rocketionalize and are ready to give you the chance to represent them in the senate of the federal republic come 2023.

We have the right as a people to contribute to the leadership recruitment process of our senatorial area come 2023 and we have found you worthy and eminently qualified to represent us going forward.

We have found you as a thorough professional with the qualities needed to aggregate all the talents and energies of our people and those qualities have made you our uncommon political goal because you have stamped a distinctive identity and style on the business of governance and professionality. No wonder, today we the people are yearning for you to come and lead us to the promise land.

We recognise that to you, our politics is old and problematic because it is simply at its old and problematic state but we need people like you to fix it.

We recognise you can because of your habitually restless and infinitely undisruptive style in your pursuit of change and drive for your conception of excellence when you decides to fight for what you believe in.

We know you seem indifferent to populist approval and spontaneous ovation when it comes to professional matters because as a professional you always wants what will benefit the people in the long run and that makes you stand out. We are sure of the celebration that will await your acceptance to run for the senate and at the end of your tenure.

What is certain is that by most estimates, your time representing us would bring about change and development to our people.

We agree that you would have your eyes on some abstract notion of legacy for posterity which may not end up a flight of fancy-that is what we need because of your modest nature. A certain restless pursuit of change, reform and constant innovations are qualities which you have that we want to gift to the nation through you.

Our people have already branded you an irredeemable merchant of their happiness especially in the mind of a people used to convention and governance as business as usual. They also know you would not sit pretty and enjoy the cozy ride on the gravy train of power and privelege till your people are okay and that is why they single you out to lead them in the senate.

We recognise the fact that in many ways, your approach to governance and professionality cannot arouse curiosity in the context of the Nigerian tradition of the drama of power but we knows that at last our people would benefit. We know you for your personal discomfort and restless service and that is what we want you to do in the senate because we know you for your chosen the path of uncomfortable visionary service for our people’s sake. You would, we know, have no dull moments and power is and would be an adventure in a new turbulence, a new positive controversy, another upset of conventional wisdom and the received order of things. You would delight in whipping up all the sleeping dogs of our old society because you are a professional.

Your tenure would be beneficial to us, please come out and contest and victory is assured.

– Musa Wada writes from Abuja.

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