Kogi East: Ordeal of a Disappointed District

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German poet, Friedrich Schiller was right when he said; “disappointment is to the soul what thunderstorm is to the air”.

Since 1999, Kogi East senatorial district voids of quality representation in the second arm of government. Indispositions backed by fulsome influences had for umpteenth time berated the streak of sound representation either deliberately or by coercion. It is not for nothing, everyone who had superintended in this realm is associated with wealth acquisition. Thus, throwing legislative business to the pit and representatives, especially at the upper chamber have either aligned with status quo or are too incompetent for the all-important law making system.

In swift peruse, senator Jibrin Isah (Kogi East) vindicated me yonks ago. Then, I stated that “his acclaimed altruism was rather cynical, so brutally cynical and hardened to every sob story under the planet”. The man who was mouthed for employing all Igala Youths into AfriBank has ulterior motive. Even though, it was a pathetic lie ever told by willing accomplices of the kingmakers of ordinary lawmaker we currently have, Echocho never meant well for Igala race, and by extension, Kogi state.

In 2018 or thereabout, at a time when Yahaya Bello jilted state civil servants to pay the ultimate price for serving fatherland, Echocho divulged to the governor that he would have done exactly what he did if he was opportune to be governor.Thanks to God, he wouldn’t have tested power if not for the cold hands of death. Howbeit, he was never voted, he was just an overnight beneficiary of a stolen mandate. Yet, some of us knew he won’t act beyond the stretch of an arm. Alas! A refined ethnic partisan and profound religious zealot is in the senate. I and the few discerning minds kicked against it. Now, we’ve been vindicated! Even his rented pundits have gone asleep in utter disbelief, as the lawmaker strictly wakes up and gallivant for his Muslim forks while his aides nod head like a well-fed lizard on social media.

At the private sector, senator Jibrin established Isah Memorial Muslims academy and registered his Muslim kinsmen as board of directors. In the senate, his handpicked aides are predominantly Muslims. His office is accessible to Muslims only. Christian constituents are often furnished with the senator’s absenteeism. This is how capricious a man whose questionable fortune was frittered in search of greener pasture in Nigeria’s political dome is.

Apart from being ethno-religious sure man, senator Isah Jibrin is an unrepentant segregate; an emerging dictator who tells supporters who, how, when and where to pledge loyalty. Against all odds, he reduced legislation to Ankpa and Dekina. His first constituency project – reawakening of family business – refurbishment of Isah memorial Muslim academy (Ajiyolo) with computers and modern e-learning equipment was in Dekina.

Two years in the row, Echocho sponsored just three bills. But guess what? They are strictly for Dekina and Ankpa. In 2019, he purchased outdated cassava processing machines, accompanied with peanuts (cash) for selected constituents in Ankpa and Dekina. His constituency projects often initiated as cash donations, gifts and palliatives are strictly Dekina and Ankpa. I call him senator representing Dekina – Ankpa LGs. Shockingly, he is not doing anything tangible in these areas.

Fellow constituents, the primary function of a lawmaker in a Democratic dispensation is to make laws. In Nigeria, there is a provision for constituency development. But even a lame can discern Jibrin’s daring incompetencies. There is no tangible constituency projects. Not even a borehole sink to his credit. Still, his three sleeping bills have an almost zero impact.

Unlike a former lawmaker in Kogi West who achieved so much for his constituents, Echocho source for dysfunctional bakery  and palm oil processing plants to resuscitate. He now tours around Abuja looking for where to make donations and propagate media razzmatazz. Come to think of it, Kogi state University where bakery was a major problem has substandard structures. Faculties and departments crave for a touch. Yet, Echocho wanted a workable bakery.  But he constantly figures out schools in FCT where to send donations and gain media coverage. Is this not the height of hypocrisy? 

While constituents are plagued with insecurity and social stagnation, the senator make case for a failed demigod grooming for political advancement. Issues of sacredness are left uncatered. From the ongoing sluggish maintenance on Itobe bridge to the construction of Okene- Ajaokuta road, they practically lie about everything. Recalled that, Okene – Ajaokuta road contract had been awarded severally, money was paid but contract is not executed. Our almighty lawmaker cannot make case to bring those who have rendered the road miserable to book. A self acclaimed richest man in Africa has being extorting Kogi Easterners for decades, that is never a problem. The constituency is endowed with several natural resources, Echocho cannot seek to commercialize them. Cattle ranching, ruga and other illicit acceptance of Buhari’s Islamizing agendas have rendered Kogi Easterners homeless, children rendered fatherless, wife widowed and communities deserted. Echocho is too busy to see that. All he sees is that which concerns his godfathers in the Lugard House, his pocket and the few Muslim bloodlines. By default, the nine Local Governments which made-up Kogi East are to be represented race and tribe. But how Echocho chose just Dekina and Ankpa still baffles me. 

Ugébó kpójó (I swear), Since 1999, Kogi east elected Lawmakers either enrich their pockets, or they are imposed on the people by those who partake in the sharing of constituency funds, or they are elected with no insight on our yearnings. This is the ordeal of a disappointed district.

– John Paul writes from Lokoja.

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