Kogi East: Aidoko In Senate, Not Contempt Of Court

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Senator Atai Aidoko remains the bonafide representative of the people of Kogi East as the appeal court ruling on application of lack of jurisdiction did not affect his seat. His continued stay in office is in no any way contempt of court.
The clarification became necessary as the apex court had ruled on the matter and the appeal court cannot over-rides the decision of the superior court as the lower court merely decided on an application brought before it.
The apex court is the final arbiter of the interpretation of the law as well as the highest court of the land, its decision is binding and cannot be overturned ‎under any guise.
Supreme court dismissed the appeal and upheld the judgment of the appeal court that declared Aidoko winner and same time ordered for a fresh retrial to take evidence in the matter.
The hijacked media orchestrated by Kogi state government and other political enemies of the people of Kogi East will be addressed at the appropriate. We urge the people of the area to remain calm.
The purported ‘contempt’‎of court is unfounded, misleading and a calculated attempt to cause disaffection between the ranks and files of the people of the area, were there was none.
We are not unaware of the emissary sent to the senate, INEC and Appeal Court to misinterpret the judgment. We have a lot of confidence in the judiciary and judicial pronouncements.
The chairman Senate committee on SDGs will not deterred from the grand plan to attract more developmental projects to better the lots of the people and bridge the gap of poverty, hardship and penury created by the current administration in Kogi State.
– Yusuf Abubakar.

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