Kogi Council Polls: Plot to Rob Okene II Constituency Thickens

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A lot has been happening behind the scene in the past few weeks. Gradually, the face of the men behind the masquerade has been revealed. At this point it is pertinent we mention those behind the evil machination aimed at imposing Hajiya Musili Dahiru on Okene II constituents. 

The likes of Kogi State APC chairman, Hon. Abdullahi Bello aka Abdul Dollar and the SA Domestic to the Governor, Hon. Kabiru Onyene are the two champions of this evil plot. 

This is where education comes to play. Unfortunately, the two mentioned political touts are illiterate hence the reason why they don’t know it is utterly wrong and out of place to impose a candidate on a particular place she doesn’t possess the voters card. 

We are challenging these agents of doom to present Hajiya Musili’s Obehira Uvete voters card. If these two duo should go ahead to impose Hajiya Musili on us let it be known that they have automatically handed Okene local government to opposition party when they eventually challenge the illegality of nominating a candidate who doesn’t possess the voters card of the place she is representing in the court of law.

Kogi State APC stakeholders should look into this obvious loophole before the charlatans hand Okene local government to opposition party out of sheer ignorance.

The mother of late Yusuf Adabenege, custodian of Sementi, has even made attempt to make them see reason why they shouldn’t impose a non indigene on the Okene II constituents but it falls on deaf ears.

The question we are asking now is this. Isn’t it too early to forget Yusuf Adabenege and his people in such a hurry? If Yusuf were to be alive, will Abdul Dollar and Kabiru Onyene attempt this nonsense they are plotting? I doubt if they can.

Yusuf remain one of the leaders of Okene II constituency, even in death, and let it be known that a bad treatment on the people of Okene II indirectly amount to bad treatment on late Yusuf. The agents of doom scheming so hard to arm-twist our people should have a rethink before it’s too late. 

But we will continue to scream for help. Someone should remind this political touts the need to do things in accordance with law, we know they have presumed themselves as the political alpha and omega but someone somewhere should be able to call them to order before they commit this political blunder that will cost APC a Chairmanship seat in the forthcoming council election.

Verily, the truth shall prevail over falsehood and the agents of doom will be put to shame in no distant time.

– Salihu Ojo
Obehira Uvete Ward, Okene LGA.

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