Kogi Central Senate Seat: Let’s Put the Round Peg in the Round Hole

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Engr. Abubakar Sadiku Ohere is a man who many have described as the light that penetrates even the tiniest of holes. This description can be linked to his generosity and kindness to the people at the grassroot level.

Since he became the Senatorial candidate to succeed Senator Yakubu Oseni representing kogi central at the red chamber, the people of Kogi central have shown wide acceptance of his candidacy.

In a loud voice, they say “Adayi Sadiku Ohere is our candidate”. The people know what he can offer at the Red chamber, judging from his track records.

Vote for the ruling party APC from top to bottom. Victory has always been our watchword.

For good legislation, good representation and good policies, vote Engr. Abubakar Sadiku Ohere.

As we anticipate victory, I congratulate the people of Kogi central in advance.

– Danfulani Lukman Ohinoyi.

For: Ohere’23 E-Media Crew

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