Kogi Central Senate; Petra, Take Heed Else You Commit Contempt of Court

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We have taken our time to assess your mindless vituperations against the fingers that once fed you since your ignominious exit from the New Direction administration/fold. If your fickle mind permits you to make intensive retrospection, you will discover that you have been ignored squarely so you can serve your new found breadwinner.

However, we need to caution you to be mindful of your careless online comments where you have already taken up the job of Chairman of Kogi State Election Petition Tribunal. Your self-imposed duties of passing verdicts on an ongoing case is capable of heating up the polity even though we know you can do anything for pecuniary gains.

Legal profession and proceedings is full of technicalities which is obviously beyond your comprehension. Since your new principal filed a case challenging the duly elected Senator of Kogi Central, Dr Yakubu Oseni, the case began from preliminaries to the point of evidence presentation by the petitioner yesterday.

It only take vegetative mind to dabble into vainglorious online jubilation for mere presentation of evidence that even breached legal or judicial processes. We are still awestruck how Petra, from the conjectures presented online suddenly crucified the Executive Governor of Kogi State, Alhaji Yahaya Bello of improper voting. When did you become an INEC officer or a tribunal judge? You are ignorantly knocking the door of contempt of the court!

Senator Yakubu Oseni, a renowned man of peaceful disposition had since played politics of maturity, focus, inclusiveness and courage even in the face of utter provocation from your principal during electioneering period.

Petra Akinti-Onyegbule, could you allow the court/law to take its course? Could you put an end to this fanning of ember of acrimony among the people? We humbly urge you to channel your energy towards reviving your crumbling restaurant business. There lies your expertise and not in legal proceedings you know nothing about!

– Adeiza Emmanuel, a concerned Kogi Central constituent, wrote from Okene.

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