Kogi Central Media Crew and Its Sponsors Are Enemies of Truth, Misguided Elements

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The good people of Kogi Central have once again forced to address the attack on the impeccable personality of Barrister Natasha Hadiza Akpoti by the spin doctors called Kogi Central Media Crew who have sold their conscience to kick against truth in their desperate attempt to cover the evil tracks of their pay masters.

One would have expected the youths who formed the clique of the social media bull-dogs to have little reservations in their outburst but joblessness, and desperation to have their own share of stolen funds pushed the minions to openly kick against truth and drivel all manner of insults on the unequalled personality of Natasha who has reawaken the hope of the people of Kogi Central in recent times.

In their latest outburst, the social media bull-dogs failed to address the issue at hand and resorted to personality attacks and conjure non-existence stories to deceive the unsuspecting members of the public.

In the smear campaign, the minions alleged that Barr. Natasha Akpoti who has put her life beyond the redline to change the narrative of Kogi Central has no human feelings and busy celebrating the death of their arm marauders.

While we felt bad that Ojo Ina who has become a nightmare to the people of Ihima and has the blood of innocent people he was sponsored to kill on his neck, our greatest pain is the fact that Barr. Natasha couldn’t rehabilitate him and exchange the guns given to him by Okehi Administrator for a better life before he met his unfortunate end. This is what the evil the disgruntled fellows called Kogi Central Media Crew are busy insulting and cursing Natasha for.

In their desperate attempt to cover the evil track of their sponsors, the minions went as far as denying the voice of their boss and the late Abdulrazaq Idris they dragged to their evil way even when their conscience was fighting them.

The record must be set straight that if the dead didn’t see anything bad in embarking on evil practises for worldly gains, it can never be evil to speak of their evil when karma catches up with them for the living to take hid.

Joblessness and the quest for easy access to stolen public fund can’t pushed rational human beings to this lowest ebb the miscreants called Kogi Central Media Crew has discerned to, rather the miscreants are incensed by evil spirits and needs to be exorcised for the sake of the volatile peace of Kogi Central.


Ibrahim Hassan
For: Kogi Central Image Makers

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