Kogi Central: Full Text of Tom Ohikere’s Declaration to Contest 2019 Elections

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My dear brothers and sisters, APC members, family, political associates, media operators and the general public,


I am writing to formally inform you of my intention to contest in the senatorial election of Kogi Central in the forthcoming general election. This is in view of the recently released timetable of the election by the Independent National Election Commission, INEC and the time constraints.

I am an Ebiraman and an indigene of Okene local government area, with all the prerequisites for the election.
My purpose in seeking the seat in the National Assembly is incumbent on all of us. It does not need to be a career but instead, something we all contribute as a moral obligation.

It is important for me to note that I am running against an incumbent. I do not believe that he has served for any other reason than to work to make Kogi Central a better place. Whether he was able to accomplish it is left to history. I appreciate him and thank him for his services.

Now is the time for others to step forward to continue and improve the senatorial district.

As a resident in Kogi state since it’s creation in 1991 and a two time commissioner for information in the state, I found myself very fortunate to understand the dynamics of the state. I have been dismayed and saddened at the amount of political divisions between the ” politicians “, the led and their inability to progress the state, especially the Kogi Central.

Kogi Central provides a great deal of economic potentials that are sometimes taken for granted by the Federal Government of Nigeria. It is important for the potentialities to be properly and deliberately harnessed for the economic prosperity of the nation and the people of the district. The nation is in tough economic times and need Kogi Central as a viable economic destination that can provide a potent alternative for the diversification of the monolithic economic base of the country.

For over 30 years, there has been no real push for the final take off of the Ajaokuta steel company. It’s time for us to actually pursue and entice corporations and the required measures that will activate the industry.

There has also been no follow through on handling of the infrastructural deficit in Kogi Central. Less than 30% of the people have access to pipe borne water, most roads are not motor-able, there is gross infrastructural decay in health and education sectors, amongst other factors which includes insecurity of lives and properties.

Our elected officials jobs should be to ensure our community’s safety, promote a positive environment for families to live in, students to learn in and businesses to grow in, but regrettably, the elected officials have failed on the noble responsibility to the people.

We are known to be a community filled with talented and highly educated people. We therefore have what it takes to make Kogi Central a thriving, economically viable, sustainable environment for our families, students, seasonal residents and others.

This is my third time of running for the position of a senator as I was the senatorial candidate of the Alliance for Democracy in 2003 and participated fully in the PDP primary election in 2011. So more than ever , I think it’s time, it’s time to bring new ideas, progressive thinking and most importantly, progressive actions. An able and effective senator for the district can ensure these results.

In announcing my intentions, I also announce that I have no other hidden political ambitions or agenda.

In the coming days, we shall announce our campaign plans and would be appointing coordinators across the zone before commencing the official campaigns. I therefore encourage anyone with sincerity of purpose and commitment to the growth of Kogi Central with questions and comments to inbox me.

Thanks for your anticipated support, while I remain at your disposal.

Sincerely Yours,
Dr Tom Ohikere.

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