Kogi Central 2023: A Case for A.K. Salihu

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Kogi Central senatorial election is around the corner again. With President Muhammadu Buhari signing into law the recent electoral amendment Bill, there is clearly no doubt that the 2023 elections are much closer now than can be thought of.

Kogi Central senatorial district has been faced with the big question of who represents the zone next in the 10th Senate, come 2023.

One man whose name comes to mind as to who the people of Kogi Central are clamouring for now, is Hon. A. K. Salihu. By zone, Hon. A.K. Salihu is from the Okehi Local Government zone of the Senatorial district.

Hon. A.K. Salihu is a former two-term House of Representatives member who has represented Okehi/Adavi Federal Constituency of Kogi State. With the experience of what the job is really about, it is just and fair to allow the former lower chamber lawmaker get to the upper chamber.

Hon. A.K. Salihu of Okehi Local Government comes to the table with experience. He also represents fairness and equity.

The agitation for Okehi to be the next local government or zone in the district to clinch the senatorial seat is clearly in order if the history of those who have been on the senatorial seat is anything to go by.

With Hon. A.K. Salihu, Kogi Central senatorial district will get the representation it presently needs as a senatorial constituency. This is as Hon. A.K. Salihu already has a blue-print of how he will bring the needed federal presence and federal infrastructures and much of national empowerment programmes the senatorial district needs.

Hon. A.K. Salihu is the right man for the job. He is the square peg in a square hole in as much as Kogi Central 2023 senatorial contest is concerned.

– Matthew Samuel (Tino) writes from Kogi Senatorial District.

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