Kogi Bureau of PPP Hails Gov. Bello on One Year Anniversary

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Kogi State Bureau of Public Private Partnerships (BPPP) has hailed the decision of the state governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello for pulling for adopting the PPP financing paradigm within his first year in office.
The Director General of the bureau, Architect Robert Achanya, said the governor, by adopting the private sector participation policy,has taken a right step towards a dominant private sector led economy that will sustain good quality health education services for the common good of the people.
“The Public Private Partnerships (PPP)  financing paradigm is the apt means to ending the challenge of critical infrastructure deficit in the State,  promising to get Kogi State out of the ‘civil service state’ conundrum and its annoying poor economy.
“He, by this policy,  initiated the match towards a dominant private sector led economy that will sustain good quality health education services for the common good while providing and creating jobs through massive industrialization,  manufacturing, robust MSMEs, fed by massive mechanized agriculture for the benefit of even the most peasant farmer.
“Huge foreign and local direct investment in infrastructure and utilities bolstered by an emerging short, medium to long term integrated infrastructure master plan is being developed side by side the critical and necessary public service and pension reform that can support the futures’ Kogi and the #KogiDream.
“Kogi State under the leadership of Alhaji Yahaya Bello has created today,  an institutional framework for the private sector to thrive and deliver on the Five thematic areas of its development agenda in the foregoing narrative.  Today, the Bureau for Public Private Partnerships (Kogi B -P3) is established and operational under the 5 Directorate structure namely: infrastructure and development; legal; IECT; finance and risk management; administration and accounts.
“These directorates, coordinated by the Office of the Director General, have continued to provide necessary support and advisory to the Administration and provided guidance to the MDAs as well as the innovative State Economic and Investment Team in PPP procurement.
“A recent peer review visit to Kaduna and Osun States gives us the confidence to  say that the GYB administration decision to establish the Kogi State PPP Office under the supervision of the MoF&ED was a step in the right direction.
“The PPP Office within the last 9 months, after its establishment in March 14, 2016 in line with a dormant State PPP law 2014, has made phenomenal impact in the PPP procurement and business sector, providing comfort for the potential investor through government to business (G2B) facilitation.
“The office has developed the State PPP procurement governance process,  PPP screening template,  established PPP Desk Offices with nominated Desk Officers across the MDAs,  with only a handful MDAs yet to comply; sensitization and awareness engagements have been held with the desk officers, permanent secretaries  and senior directors as well as all sector heads including honourable  commissioners.
“Furthermore,  the Bureau has attained over 80% rating in the concession plan for the Greater Lokoja Water Scheme with ongoing enumeration for water metering as a major objective. The Bureau is continuously engaging with the line ministries to ensure sector buy-in for necessary and successful PPP procurement.
“At the investment level,  the administration in the 26th March 2016, broke the groceries its first PPP deal for a more than $100million 100MW solar power project at Zango,  near Lokoja.  The ripple effect of the project was well underscored by HE.,  the Governor during the auspicious and frenzied ground breaking ceremony. More than 4 additional renewable energy projects are also at advanced stages of procurement.
“A status update on the PPP pipeline and ongoing projects are been uploaded and is available from our office and on the Bureau’s website.
“The Bureau has indeed moved towards solicited proposals as a priority and has requested for EOIs for 3 key state assets and infrastructure namely,  the Confluence Beach Hotel,  Lokoja Mega bus terminal and a state of the art Lokoja Mall.  Bids will be opening February 6, 2016 with a plan to move to requests for technical and financial proposals from pre qualified bidders. Approval will be sought for New pipeline PPP projects for advertisement in year 2017 with positive impact,  on the economy and the administration’s general Outlook and rating.
“We have reserved information on other modest achievements to enable the bureau attain the traditional “deal closing “. Details on the overall achievement of the administration in the PPP sector will be available to the press on or before  end quarter one,  2017.

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