Kogi Assembly: Between Gap Politics and Crisis of Expectation

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A critical look at the current 6th legislature of Kogi Assembly has overtime revealed the lack of conscientiousness caused by setback of leadership competence to identify and tackle through legislative assignment the underlying hitches endangering development in Kogi state. OJO MARTIN MEJABI takes a cursory assessment at the delivery system, syndrome of leadership incompetence and why expectations were not met.
The basic principle of legislative success in any renowned climes is foremost, a classic appetite for man-centered socioeconomic and political transformation  of self, groups and the entire institution/structure of government of a given political system in order to present or offer a remarkable and qualitative conditions of living to the citizenry.
More pointedly, this is done to harness opportunities underlying in various potentials indigent in the act of governing to inspire and improve humans lives, aspirations and capabilities in order to eliminate or reduce poverty, inequality and unemployment; at least to a minimum capacity, enhancing a wake of self discovery and self production through its enactment of human- support policies of government at any given time.
Against this backdrop, the 6th legislature in Kogi state at the inception of its duties and activities was greeted with uphill of anxieties; prefaced by purposelessness and unpreparedness with relative embers and disunity arising from leadership tussle from the executive.
No doubt, since their inauguration in 2015, the much expected consolidation and expectations is being dashed and circumstantially weighed down with relative and excessive manipulation from the governor.
It would be recalled that the emergence of the 6th  assembly; inaugurated by former governor, captain Idris Wada was slit off the access to peace and unity to discharge its constitutional obligations.
Barely three months of governor Yahaya Bello’s emergence in January 2016, the 6th Assembly had already been marred by altercation and bickering exhibited in high level of immaturity and bad attitude to the standing order of the legislative conducts, norms and ethics.
This development led to the incessant sundering of legislative composition until the last appointment that saw to the emergence of Hon. Rt. Prince Kolawole, a member representing Kabba/Bunu constituency in a heavy battle and antagonism orchestrated by  governor Yahaya Bello. It is also important to mention that this period welcomed avalanche of disruption which led to deemphasized rules, motions and resolutions; a palpable efforts which would have craved an actions that would ordinarily reflect the mood of development and propelled growth for the benefit of kogi citizenry.
Notably, this was a trying time in the history of legislative occupation; a time kogi assembly strove in highhandedness, misappropriation and period of massive stealing of public funds occasioned by the struggle for who rode on giver’s horse. How did this happened? Simple. The bailout funds and all the Paris club funds including allocation allowances that was meant to develop the state, were used to lobby in the choiced assembly’s leadership thereby Plunging the state into an abject penury.
It could not be forgotten in a jiffy, this period when expectations were in high heaven; a very time when much were desired  by the electorates, this same time Kogi State House of Assembly due to protracted crisis rocking the house was laid bear under locked and key.
It is past two years now since the operations of the 6th legislature of Kogi Assembly was called to bear on its constitutional obligations. And quite a while its has settled down its businesses of legislation. This report howbeit reveals the lackeys of ineptitude and display of unprofessional prowess in the discharge of service delivery system.
However, the greatest challenges with Kogi State House of Assembly 6th legislature, has been the displacement of priority to gauge and measure the stances between the executive and legislative responsibilities. The principle and doctrine of separation of power between this organs in the state is contentious. Therefore, no clear demarcation in the operationalization between them and that’s why, overtime, there has been along time confrontation between policies and development in the state.
This two years old administration has been a hangman tightened noise situation; showcasing a rude and gruesome backlash of development and myriad dysfunction of state and its functionaries. Obviously, this narratives defile any sufficient argument in that, this administration, if fostered by the smooth running efforts of the legislature should have ensure great achievement interest in the feat of good health, good road network, power supply, equitable water and other basic facilities.
Kogi Assembly no doubt has been toothless bulldoggish and puppetry. Therefore, have failed the electorate led in holding the executive responsible in most of its armchair and top bottom approach to raising the standard of the people in the state. For instance, the state assembly should have step in to ameliorate cases of incessant industrial action that has thrown primary and secondary education in the state into oblivion.
Also, it is within the modus operandi of the legislature to check the excessiveness of the power of the governor and to stand tall to make sure the longstanding salary saga is being resolved. Instead the governor has resolved to sacking workers indiscriminately.
What has the state assembly done to arrest the devil of #45billion debt incurred by the state Governor? Why has assembly not have summoned the governor on how bailout, Paris club funds and others taken from financial institutions in Abuja were expended?
Given this shortcomings, several questions are being put forward as to the ascertain if the constitution that established other state house of assemblies is different from the one that established the existence of Kogi Assembly? This question became reflective and pointer because the two years of governor Yahaya Bello puts many mouths uncontrollably wagging, if by operational sense, the state assembly really meant to drive succors to the door step of the electorates from the seemingly inhuman policy project of the governor.
These and more alibis  forms the incidence of persistence and prevailing poverty which has grip to a deepening dimension and has brought Kogi citizens to the kneel of pervasive crisis here and there.
– Ojo Martins Mejabi, a political scientist, activist and a journalist, writes from Lokoja.

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