Kogi APC Gov’ship Primaries Will Shock Many

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The decision of the Kogi State All Progressive Congress (APC) stakeholders to employ indirect primaries in her forthcoming internal election in a bid to single out the most sellable flagbearer for the state gubernatorial election can be misconstrued or seen as manipulation by some people or outsiders, but those who know the historical development of APC and her core tenets are aware that the party has never sold her ticket to the highest bidder as it is obtainable in the opposition parties.

As a matter of fact, APC has a record of voting out non-performing candidates in her primaries, whether through direct or indirect voting.

The APC is a party with a clean track record of free and fare primaries. This is not unconnected to her victory in all political levels in Nigeria today. APC wants power, it can’t afford to loose. It won’t allow any unsuitable candidate buy her ticket.

The APC stakeholders, aside their integrity, know that, the fall of a party begins at every point her ticket is compromised. They wouldn’t want the party to fall in Kogi State, hence their decision to consider which ever means to employ in sieving out the most suitable candidate for the party.

To set the record straight,  it is true that the national chairman of APC, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole is not backing some governors because of their poor performance in office. He has said repeatedly that the party cannot guarantee automatic ticket for some aspirants, especially governors whose performance fall far short of expectations. He noted states like Kogi, Bauchi and Kaduna. APC is bent on singling out the best candidate in Kogi state as Governor Yahaya Bello’s performance is far below expectation.

What transpired in Rivers State APC gubernatorial primary is still fresh in our minds. No matter what had happened behind closed doors, a fact is salient, APC doesn’t  give her ticket to the highest bidder. We know how Atiku got the PDP ticket for the Presidential election, however, he was woefully shamed at the polls. APC is not PDP,  it doesn’t compromise on her ticket.

From all indications, Prince Mustapha Mona Audu could emerge as the Kogi State APC flag bearer considering the support and the goodwill of the people he has garnered so far.

It is glaring that Prince Mustapha remains the APC aspirant with the potential of winning and reforming Kogi State. He has acquired a long experience in governance having studied the affairs of Kogi State  as the son of the state’s best former governor and a young man with international governance blueprint system.

You will agree with me that you can’t solve a digital problem with analogue brain. Kogi needs a young man from the modern school of thought in a digital world as it is today to help solve her problems, not the older generation with analogue approaches to governance.

Prince Mona has come up with a blueprint with international endorsement and collaboration to get Kogi working again as it has to be ‘Kogi First’. He has made astute moves to reform sport system in the state by engaging international sportsmen who would rebuild the collapsing sport affairs in the state where tons of our young footballers should be eking out a living. This is just a few among many mighty projects already projected by the Prince which APC is aware and can not afford not to give the ticket to him for a land sliding victory.

Let it not be a shocker to you when it comes to pass,  Mona is coming with APC ticket.

– Onoja Johnson Baba

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