Kogi, A State of Wonders Or A State At Ease? by Comrade Nasir

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Unarguably, several years of human endeavor is often marked by the achievement and perception of its authorities and hence, this gives rise to why government system are often run by tenures. However, the sudden mute in Kogi opinion circles will raise the question on whether Kogi is a state of wonders or at ease?

Why experts and political watchers cannot so far give adequate justification to the new direction the Kogi state government led by Alh Yahay Bello has styled itself. Cross silence among religious, union, cultural, students and opposition leaders call for serious concerns. Civil servants live in groaning, pensioners have turned help seekers, traders have become amusement hosts and the average kogi youth either live in bet9ja or rely solely on political sycophancy from coast to coast.

At the inception of this government, the Kogi state chapter of Nigerian Labour Congress was so much on its feet that it could as at then be described as a through voice of the enduring masses. Alas, it has become a shadow of itself as it’s position in the several events happening in the state is highly uncertain.

The students whom have always remained at the suffering end of government and labour faceoff cannot even predict which is presently protecting their future between the state owned academic institution staff and the state government as the government has maintained leaving up to the expectation of academicians while academic unions groan without actions.

In the past, precisely during the tenure of the immediate past governor of the state, Capt Idris Ichalla Wada, there were existing political pressure groups which were proactively checking and balancing the government policies but today, not even the then ever roaring Kogi Elders Forum is speaking about the stewardship of this government.

By and large, the government cannot be held accountable in the events it fail the state at the end of the day for in an ideal society, constructive criticism are very essential to set a government on the right track. But unfortunately and in our kind of silent attitudes, I cannot fathom but try to figure out whether “Kogi is a state of wonders or at ease”?

Arise O’ Compatriots!

God Bless Kogi State of Nigeria.

– Comrade A. M. Nasir writes from Minna, Niger State

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