Kogi: A State in Darkness, Under Siege of Kidnappers and Armed Robbers by Austin Okai

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Kogi state that was adjudged to be a crime free state in the North Central zone of the country has now become the haven of kidnappers and armed robbers following the daily cases of kidnapping and robbery of unsuspected motorists.

The kidnappers hold sway while the government look the other way round. It has become a daily occurrence in the state today since Governor Yahaya Bello assumed leadership of the state.
In the era of ‘New Direction’ kidnapping has become a lucrative industry in Kogi state. In all honesty, cases of kidnappingin Kogi state are under-reported, and the rate of unconfirmed kidnappings continues to grow while Governor Yahaya Bello keep spending money on media houses for needless publicity aimed at actualising his second term ambition.
The new direction government, according to observers, has created a conducive atmosphere for the daredevil criminals to operate freely.
Indeed, thousands of Kogites have been notoriously dealt with by the kidnappers and armed robbers as their victims.

Contrary to what other state governors are doing by providing adequate security to their citizens, Kogi State Government instead  shows “I don’t care attitude” leaving the victims to pay bail themselves through the payment of ransoms to the hoodlums.
For Governor Yahaya Bello, the security votes for the State is about the governor and his Chief of Staff’s safety first and that attitude has created fertile land and enabled environment for the kidnappers and armed robbers to thrive.
Recall that over 100 second-hand vehicles were bought for the security apparatus but unfortunately some of those Ford products can’t even move now due to mechanical fault and some lack of fuel to move the vehicle around.
Just yesterday, Alhaji  Aminco, who hails from Okene, was murdered by some hoodlums and his body dumped beside a cemetery in Okene
Another person, Mr Oboju was also killed by an unknown gun man along total filling station yesterday evening, also in Okene. Okene enjoyed relative peace under previous administration in the state.
The recent killings didn’t stop as four workers were kidnapped along Kabba-Obajana road a couple of days ago while  they were on their way to Lokoja, the State capital for screening.
Hon. Hassan Ado, the former PDP chairman in Dekina, and others were kidnapped along Itobe-Ajaokuta Road. Millions of Naira was paid for their own freedom as government of Kogi state was mute and never came to their help. The Traditional Ruler of Ajaokuta spent his new year celebration in the hand of kidnappers.
Sadly, security operatives in the state that are saddled with the responsibility to protect the lives and property of the common men remain mute, instead they’re busy arresting workers and issuing out threat on phone to those who   speak out and criticise the State Government.
– Usman Austin Okai writes from Abuja.

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