Kogi: 33 Kidnappers Nabbed in Odo-Ape

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For commuters along the dreaded Kabba-Obajana road, reprieve came last Friday as a crack Police team from Abuja rounded up 33 of the alleged kidnappers in a mosque while praying.

They were immediately whisked to Abuja.

Reports have it that the kidnappers drawn from all the axis of Obajana Road were exposed by “one of them” who happens to be a police officer who was planted in the group. He was the one who allegedly summoned an emergency meeting of all the kidnappers on the highway to discuss how to tackle the issue of Police breathing down their necks.

The meeting was to hold immediately after prayers on Friday. However, the crack team from Abuja was called in during prayers after two of the 3 doors of the mosque had been shut. All of them were identified and handcuffed and taken to Abuja. Even the ones who shot and killed people during their operations were also identified by the undercover police officer.

To us, this is a big relieve. But we are afraid at the rate at which these kidnappers get released after arrests. All hands should be on deck to ensure these ones to go scot-free.

Credit: Hon. Duro Meseko

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