Kogi 2023: Sorry, No Place for Mr. Farouq Adejoh and His Political Jobbers

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Our attention has been drawn to a rather embarrassing moment when one Farouq Adejoh and one Oluwakayode Emmanuel Eseyin (aka 12-12) granted a sham they tagged a press conference. It was hurriedly and poorly put together to further advance their selfish agenda to cast a spanner in the wheel of the progress of the party in Kogi State.

Ordinarily, we wouldn’t have dignified the diatribes of a political vegetable like Farouq Adejoh who has gone past his hay-days but now struggling to attempt to create an imaginary crises to, once again, find his feet, but we must set the records straight to avoid Farouq and his palace jesters from swaying unsuspecting watchers and political actors.

The attempt by Farouq Adejoh who has no known source of income order than jumping from one place to the other, latching on perceived and imaginary crises to foot his bills— to stain the personality of our presidential candidate in the last general election in the person of Atiku Abubakar, CGON, will be met with stiff resistance.

It is unfortunate that the duo of Farouq and Kayode could stoop so low to cast aspersions on the person of Atiku Abubakar. These commentary of shame is a pointer to the fact that these men are without dignity and honor, and are prepared to work against the party at the sight of crumbs under the table.

Furthermore, The futile attempt by Farouq and his recruits to talk down on the political achievements of Sen. Dino Melaye is also another evidence that they have lost touch with the realities on ground.

For the records, Sen. Dino has won in a keenly contested election twice in Kogi state even as an opposition candidate where Yahaya Bello is a sitting Governor.

Perhaps, Farouq’s journey into political oblivion has left him too demented to remember the stellar performances of Sen. Dino in the 8th Assembly, but we will not waste much time to school Farouq and his beguilers of the performances of SDM.

It is now very obvious going by the public display of shame by Farouq and his co-jesters, that his likes and his sponsors worked against the party in the just concluded general election. Else, what more could be defined as anti-party than the unfortunate utterances by Farouq against our presidential candidate?

We would have ignored the tantrums and the uncontrollable verbal diarrhea of Farouq but what he is not aware of is the fact that we are very much in the know of how funds from a southern PDP Governor through one notable politician from Kogi west was disbursed for the purpose of destabilizing our party.

The actions of Farouq and his jobless palace jesters, especially his mindless vituperations on social media platforms is a frustration borne out of hate and jealousy for the person of Sen. Dino Melaye. Nothing more, nothing less.

We challenge Farouq and his co-travelers to present before the public the results of their various wards in the last election if they still have any form of relevance. Farouq and co has become cancerous and a catastrophic liability to kogi state PDP and we must quickly nip this deadly hydra in the bud before it seeks to slow down the pace of the party.

We call on all well meaning Party faithfuls to ignore the blabbing of political jobbers, political featherweights and liabilities and focus on presenting a strong candidate that will defeat the APC and move our dear state forward.

Signed :

David Itopa
Convener, Kogi Central Youth Advocate

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