Kogi 2019: Talk and Act, Progressive Youths Must Be in Charge – Alfa Tijani

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As 2019 general election draw close, we have seen an influx of different campaign groups all over the state with one mission: reelect Bello as the governor of Kogi state come 2019. When I watch the way youths attend political gathering, I marvel at the level of their ignorance.
On 27th January 2016, Bello was sworn in as the fourth executive Governor. We were waiting for the breath of fresh air and a transformed Kogi state. Seconds turned into minutes, hours turned into days, days turned into weeks, weeks into months, and months into years. Nothing significant to show for it!
Sycophants, along with other irrelevant political appointees, would always bring non-existent statistics to defend their boss and insult publicly whoever challenges him.
They mobilise thousands of youth all over the 21 LGA, with as little as #500 per youth (mostly drunkard and school drop out ). All these “Bello-must-rule” charlatans didn’t start today. We saw them in Ibro’s time, Wada’s time and to add salt to the wound even when Yar’Adua was dying in faraway Saudi Arabia, his aides told us he can rule from anywhere.
I marvel at the number of youths that storm such places. What’s the motivation? Good governance, or the money factor? Whatever the reason, my own concern are the youths. From my research, I’ve discovered that 90% of those youths in such places are unemployed. That is why they can be able to go to such places as early as 6 AM in support of a desperate politician who cares only about how to rule.
I keep asking myself: What has happened to our conscience? Why would I support a politician who can’t give me job? Why would I support a politician who can’t pay workers and pensioners  in my own state? Why would I support a politician that glorifies corruption and celebrates with the convicted? Do I have a future with such a leader ?
Youths should start changing their mindset, change the way they see our politicians. The earlier we realize that the power to change this state is in our hands, the better for us. We make up the largest portion of this state. That’s the greatest advantage. “Stomach infrastructure,” like a 10 Kg bag of rice, 20 Kg bag of garri , will not last forever. But good government will last for generations.
Think twice and vote wisely come 2019 !
– Alfa Tijani writes from Kogi State

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